Home China presents its new cheap, compact pickup truck that is much better than Rampage and Toro!

China presents its new cheap, compact pickup truck that is much better than Rampage and Toro!

24 April 2024 01 gies: 40
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China presents its new cheap, compact pickup truck that is much better than Rampage and Toro!
Photo: New Chinese pickup truck transforms into SUV/Reproduction

New Chinese pickup truck will soon arrive on the automotive market with a unique proposal. The model, which is considered better than the Rampage and Toro, has a unique design, which retracts its bucket, transforming it into an SUV.

A China's automotive industry has stood out on the global stage with launches that go beyond the traditional and bring significant innovations to the vehicle market. A Changan, one of the Chinese giants, recently presented its new compact pickup truck, which was named K1 e97 and promises to revolutionize the sector and put an end to sales of models such as Rampage and Toro.

Chinese pickup truck has a design similar to an SUV

With a design that moves between the universes of SUVs and pickup trucks, the new K1 e07 is a bold bet from the automaker, which is already one of the best-selling in China and abroad. Changan's compact Chinese pickup truck doesn't go unnoticed. With dimensions similar to the Ford Maverick, the K1 e07 features a unique design, which includes interconnected full LED headlights and a striking front look. 

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The sides feature active door handles and a roof rack, while the 18-inch wheels give the model a sporty touch. The rear is where the Rampage and Toro rival stands out, with a retractable upper glass that transforms the vehicle from an SUV to a pickup in an instant, reminiscent of the style of the Cybertruck.

The new K1 e07 pickup truck is not just a compact pickup truck with an eye-catching design, it is also a Fully electric Chinese pickup truck with a performance that promises to impress. Although some details have not been disclosed, we know at this point that the simplest versions will have a rear engine of 388 horsepower, while the top configurations will feature an additional engine at the front, reaching up to 590 combined horsepower.

A autonomy from rival Rampage and Toro is another strong point, with some rumors indicating more than 600 km in the top versions and an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds for the dual engine.

New Chinese pickup truck can deliver cutting-edge technologies and equipment enhanced

The interior of the new compact Chinese pickup truck follows the minimalist trend with a high-quality finish. The internal space is generous, accommodating 5 adults comfortably. The model's equipment list is very complete, including items such as induction cell phone charging, three independent zone climate control and a premium sound system. The 14-inch central multimedia unites all the functions and settings of the K1 e07, in a style reminiscent of Tesla vehicles.

The new rival from Rampage and Toro is a modern Chinese pickup truck with a very futuristic proposal, offering a complete safety and driving assistance package.

The ACC with function stands out stop and go, lane correction and lane keeping assistants, rear cross traffic alert, license plate reader, animal, pedestrian and cyclist detector, as well as autonomous emergency braking and a night vision camera. 

Could a new Chinese pickup arrive on the Brazilian market?

Although the new pickup truck doesn't compete with our compacts, such as Rampage and Toro, the e07 is fantastic, simply having all the semi-autonomous driving items that all Brazilians want, as well as an air of exclusivity with its bed that closes, making the pickup an SUV.

Another point that promises to stand out in the new Chinese pickup is its performance, which despite not having been revealed, without a doubt, with these two engines, will be one of the best in the electric segment.

The model will arrive on the Chinese market from the second half of this year. year and their prices were also not revealed. It has not yet been confirmed in the Brazilian market.

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