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City Hall offers 1.500 job vacancies in new public competition with salaries of up to R$5.500

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 11/06/2024 às 22:28
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Photo: Reproduction Pinheiro Preto City Hall

São Paulo City Hall announced a new competition with vacancies in different areas, offering opportunities with competitive salaries. Find out how to participate and secure your spot!

Starting this Monday, June 10th, the Work and Entrepreneurship Support Center (Cate) of São Paulo City Hall offers more than 1.500 job vacancies in a new competition. The Opportunities span sectors such as commerce, services, civil construction and industry. Registration for the selection process is open until next Wednesday, June 12th, Valentine's Day, according to the JC Concursos website.

Vacancies and salaries offered in the São Paulo City Hall competition

The São Paulo City Hall competition offers vacancies for different job profiles, including internship, apprentice, temporary and permanent. Salaries range from R$735, for reduced working hours, to R$5.500. The requirements for each vacancy vary depending on the position sought.

“June is a busy month for commerce, with June festivities, Valentine's Day and Pride Month. It is a period of many opportunities, both for permanent and temporary vacancies, already in preparation for the second semester. Cate’s teams are ready to direct each candidate to the most suitable vacancy”, comments Eunice Prudente, municipal secretary of Economic Development and Labor.

Contest Opportunity Highlights by Sector

Project Manager

The service sector is the one that offers the most opportunities, with more than 300 vacancies available, especially in restaurants, cafeterias and cafes. Most of these vacancies do not require previous experience, although some ask for six months of experience in the field. Complete primary education is a common requirement, but there are vacancies for those who are still attending secondary school. The work scale is generally 6×1, with salaries ranging from R$995 for apprentices to R$2.010.


In the logistics area, there are more than 170 vacancies, including loading and unloading and operational functions. Candidates must have completed primary or secondary education, depending on the role. Some positions require up to six months of experience, but most do not. The work scale is also usually 6×1, with salaries between R$1.433 and R$4.329.


The civil construction sector also presents good opportunities, with 80 vacancies available in carpentry, bodywork and metalwork, mainly in the east of the city. Most vacancies requires between three and six months of experience. Education requirements vary from incomplete primary education to complete secondary education. Work scales are predominantly 5×2, with salaries ranging from R$1.590 to R$5.500.

How to apply for available vacancies in the São Paulo city hall competition

Interested parties can apply up to Wednesday, June 12th, via the Cate Portal or in person at one of the network’s units. To register, you must have your ID, CPF and work card, including your digital one, on hand.

To register online, access the Cate Portal CLICKING HERE. The portal offers an intuitive process for registering and sending documents. Candidates can also choose to register in person at one of Cate's units. It is important to take all the necessary documents to avoid any setbacks.

In addition to competitive salaries, many vacancies offer benefits such as transportation vouchers, meal vouchers and medical assistance. Job opportunities at São Paulo City Hall are an excellent chance for those looking for stability and professional growth.

When completing your application, be sure to review all information provided. Complete and correct documentation increases your chances of being selected.

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