Home Climbers with CREA are summoned for offshore and onshore work

Climbers with CREA are summoned for offshore and onshore work

8 March 2018 to 16: 58
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industrial climber

Vacancies are for work in oil and gas companies in Rio de Janeiro for an immediate start, meet the requirements and good luck to all

Climbers are essential in the oil industry, especially in the offshore modality due to the maintenance that must be carried out in places that are difficult to access. Due to the degree of danger, companies are becoming stricter and demanding more and more qualifications and certifications from these types of workers every day. So let's do it because despite the requirements being very strict, we believe that there are professionals who hold these courses:


It was not informed whether there is a need for experience or not, but the position is for an Escalaodores Inspector, trained as a Mechanical Technician Registration at CREA, Equipment Inspector Course, Irata level 1,2, 3 or XNUMX, SNQC Qualification, Thickness measurement, Penetrant liquid, Magnetic Particle according to Abendi requirements. Interested parties should forward resumes with expected salary to, mentioning the job title in the field.

Before you left, you learned that the Petroeng started hiring for a petrochemical project in Rio de Janeiro? She is already in the process of capturing resumes and we even have the audio of the call that Paulo Nogueira, manager of the Click Petroleo e Gás website made to confirm the veracity of the information. So take advantage of this and access it to check it out for yourselves, remembering that the UPGN work at Comperj and Thermoelectric plant at Porto do Açú is almost starting, so stay tuned to our website and turn on notifications so you don't miss this moment.

If you want to work in large companies, the best way is to take technical courses. Fortunately we can resolve this for you in 45 days, don't worry because it is fully cleared by CREA and MEC, using the professional equivalence method. Even if you don't have higher education or training, you are now recognized! Escola Premium specializes in this modality and serves anywhere in Brazil. CLICK HERE AND MAKE A FREE CONSULTATION NOW, YOU WILL BE SURPRISED!

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