Home It started! 70 Painter vacancies, take your resume to the company door

It started! 70 Painter vacancies, take your resume to the company door

4 April 2018 08 gies: 31
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painter resume

CV's will be received until April 05th for large industrial works. For those who have a Painter course and other related areas, this could be a good opportunity

you who are Pintor may have a good opportunity to re-enter the job market, Usiminas officially invites professionals with a degree in industrial painting in different ways to work in the city of Ipatinga, Minas Gerais, for a major renovation work in one of the company's projects. There are no less than 70 painters and the delivery of resumes will be at the door, without crying or complaining. But before proceeding, stay tuned because Comperj is already authorized to start hiring in some initial functions for the beginning of the project, learn more here.

Returning to the call Painter, Usiminas makes it clear that professionals in different specialties can apply, therefore, we understand that if you are Industrial Painters, Hydrojet Painters, Climb Painters, Sign Painters, Painting Helpers and other branches within this area, there are real chances of being called to do the interview directly with them. Just below, we recorded a video of the publication, as the process will end on the 05th (Thursday), they may eventually delete the publication, check it out and soon after know the address to deliver the resumes:

CVs will be delivered exclusively at the Usiminas Head Office, in Ipatinga/MG, located at Avenida Pedro Linhares, number 5.431, from April 2nd to 5th (Monday to Thursday), from 8am to 16pm. Among these opportunities, we have already received information that many other works and contracts will appear this week, so stay tuned for our publications because at Click Petróleo e Gás, the information comes from safe and credible sources.

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