Home The company has just announced more vacancies at the base and offshore

The company has just announced more vacancies at the base and offshore

24 March 2018 to 11: 59
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Want to work in Brazil?

The company officially announces the selection process on the 23rd for operations in the city of Macaé in the oil and gas sector, people from other cities in Rio may apply

More fresh vacancies to work in the oil and gas sector in the city of Macaé. There are many opportunities both to work at the company's base and offshore, so take advantage and start taking a ride in the municipality's economic recovery. As an example, the construction of the thermoelectric plant in the city Valle Azul II, already confirmed and with the candidacy of the works in progress, access the article by clicking here for more information about these opportunities.

As always, Alphatec has been surprising us every day and stands out even more in this modality. Practically every month, it opens a selection process onshore and offshore for all levels of professional training, no matter if you are a professional, technician or engineer. Check out the job openings she just posted on social media:

  • Warehouse department helpers
  • Helpers for the logistics sector
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Technical Planning Assistants
  • Level 3 Climbers
  • Paint Inspectors
  • porters
  • climber welders
  • Eyeliner Technicians

Interested and within the requirements, send your CV to, informing in the e-mail the function for which you are applying. In the image below you can see better details of the contracts. The company disclosed this selection process on March 23, 2018, so these are real and up-to-date opportunities. Let us know if you receive a positive response regarding the company's contacts.

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