Home Integrar Macaé Consortium: The cat meowed and the company will lay off around 1900 workers

Integrar Macaé Consortium: The cat meowed and the company will lay off around 1900 workers

18 January 2018 to 08: 56
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installments termination of offshore employees

Consórcio Integrar workers can stop activities in the Campos Basin at any time, the company that pays the termination in 10 installments

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]O Integrate Consortium it is going through a period of tightening for some reason that is still not clear. Before starting reading, be aware that the sources of information are from employees and followers within the company, who are passing the information exclusively to the Click Oil and Gas, As more information becomes available, we will rectify this matter at the same pace. Any or all official information will be here on the page.

It so happens that yesterday, we have received audio, reports in our Telegram groups and in the inbox of the page regarding a “possible default” that the Integrate Consortium wants to give to its employees. The company started calling its employees for dismissal, although unexpected, this is part of a firm's routine. But the surprise began to be revealed when they began to be referred to the union, in order to resolve the issue of termination, WHICH WILL BE PAID IN 10 TIMES. See the basis of the calculation they sent us in the photo below, click to enlarge:

Radio Peão

In this wave, 30 employees were dismissed at once, there is a forecast to dismiss around 1900 by the end of February. Now imagine, if these 30 employees will receive installments, imagine the rest? We don't know what took the Integrar Consortium make this decision and what she is going through, if it was a contractual problem with Petrobras or if she has lost control of her finances. Listen to the audio below PAWN RADIO commenting on the matter:

Former Employees Audio

A platform is already stopped. This case is similar to what happened with the UTC Engenharia in July 2017[check the article]. At the time, there was a back-and-forth between Petrobras and UTC, one accusing the other of non-contractual compliance, which caused the mass dismissal of 4000 employees at once. Let's wait for the next few hours to unfold to find out what's going on, meanwhile check out more selective processes on the website in progress.

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