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Constellation, Foresea and Ventura offer joint Platform Assistant Training course

Written by CDN Communication
Published 22/05/2024 às 09:15

In total, there will be 40 places for free training lasting 3 months in Macaé

Constellation, Foresea and Ventura, three companies with strong offshore operations in the oil and gas sector, decided to join forces to offer a free Platform Assistant Training course. Aimed at technical level candidates with up to two years of graduation, the training was developed in partnership with Firjan Senai. Registration for selection began this Monday (20/05) and will continue until June 2nd at link

In total, 40 candidates who preferably reside in Macaé and surrounding areas will be selected. The idea is to offer a free training program, customized and aligned with the real needs of offshore companies, so that the selected students leave with a differentiated professional profile and prepared to be absorbed more quickly by the market. The training is scheduled to begin in the second half of June, with evening classes from Monday to Friday, for 3 months.

The platform assistant is the most important primary function on a drilling rig, therefore, it is extremely relevant to the market. In addition to bringing professionals closer to the needs of companies, the training course has a strong social impact as it expands opportunities for young people from Macaé and the region to enter the offshore sector, where the three companies concentrate a large part of their operations.

The CVs and profiles of registered candidates will be received and selected by the Trilhar consultancy and classes will be taught at Senai in Macaé. After completing the training, students will be able to be absorbed by one of the partner companies in the course or by any other company operating in the offshore sector. This is the third edition of the course, created by Constellation in partnership with Firjan Senai. In total, 80 professionals have already been trained by the project.


Platform Assistant Training Course

Registration (free): from May 20th to June 2th

Selection by link. 

Duration: 3 months

Location: Macae

About Constellation

Constellation Oil Services is a highly differentiated drilling services provider due to its unique experience in deep and ultra-deepwater drilling and land operations in remote areas. Throughout its history, Constellation has remained committed to the development of both the Brazilian and global oil industry, having already drilled more than 700 meters of offshore wells in challenging environments, including the Brazilian pre-salt. Constellation has a proven operational history with consistent results, always committed to its values ​​as a company of “Safety”, “Trust”, “Excellence” and “Sustainability”. Site.

About Foresea

Foresea offers drilling solutions offshore and has its own fleet made up of the ODN I, ODN II, Norbe VI, Norbe VIII and Norbe IX probes, all with active contracts. The company has APIQ2 international quality and efficiency certification for its entire fleet. Operates in deep and ultra-deep waters for the Oil and Gas industry offshore upstream in Brazil. Among its main values ​​are the high operational performance achieved with respect for the safety of members and the environment, as well as partnership and customer trust. The company respects ESG principles and follows the most rigorous environmental, social and governance practices. More information at website.

About Ventura

Ventura's history began in 1972 as Petroserv, the result of the vision and extensive knowledge of its founders, starting with the manufacture of drilling and production equipment, in 1997 it wrote a new chapter, now as Ventura, a name that made the organization focused in the drilling sector. Since then, Ventura has been following changes in the market, and its own evolution is directly linked to actions in search of continuous improvement, from improving ESG processes to investments focused on the development of our employees, such as promoting diversity and inclusion, English courses, incentives to return and complete studies and training, and opportunities for individual growth within the organization.


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Manuela Motta, journalist, press officer at CDN Comunicação.

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