Home Construction of a power plant in Ceará is expected to generate 2,5 direct and indirect jobs

Construction of a power plant in Ceará is expected to generate 2,5 direct and indirect jobs

30/09/2020 às 19:57
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Construction of a power plant in Ceará is expected to generate 2,5 direct and indirect jobs
Industrial plant/Image: Disclosure

Project valued at US$ 400 million foresees the operation of the plant as early as 2023 and should create approximately 2,5 jobs in Ceará

For the construction of a mining-industrial complex for the joint production of fertilizers and animal nutrition, the Government of Ceará signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the installation at the Usina de Itataia, in Santa Quitéria. The project should generate 2,5 jobs, of which 500 will be direct.

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The signing took place on the afternoon of Monday (28). Investments are estimated at US$ 400 million and the plant is expected to start operating in 2023, with jobs being generated through the Santa Quitéria Consortium, formed by Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil (INB) and the fertilizer industry Galvani.

“This project is from Ceará, but it will certainly have an impact on economic sectors across the country. My word, in addition to gratitude, is one of hope. This was an old project that Ceará had wanted for a long time, and that will generate a lot of jobs and income for our State. We are going to have an important demand in the production of fertilizers and supplements in animal feed, where we can be self-sufficient”, said the governor of Ceará, Camilo Santana.

According to the secretary of economic development and work (Sedet), Maia Junior, it is not just a project, but a dream that comes true not only for Santa Quitéria, but for Ceará and Brazil.

“The project is a priority for the Federal Government, with several actions carried out to ensure that this project moves from a memorandum to reality”, said executive secretary Lillian Mascarenhas.

The processes will first result in the dissociation of minerals, and will generate the final production of a shipment of 50 carts of processed yellow cake, to heat up the region's economy in several ways, including using the ports of Pecém and Mucuripe in addition to highways.

Also present at the event, Ricardo Cavalcante, president of Fiec, the mayor of Santa Quitéria, Tomás Figueirêdo, and the president of INB, Carlos Freire Moreira. For the president of INB, “our economic recovery will depend a lot on projects that generate jobs and add value, like the one we are going to install in Ceará, which is why we believe in this partnership with Santa Quitéria and the Government of Ceará.

Source: Ceará State Government Portal

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