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Costing less than R$12, it is in Brazil and looks like a Yamaha MT-15. Meet Yasuna Fly

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 21/06/2024 às 07:49
Costing less than R$12, it is in Brazil and looks like a Yamaha MT-15. Meet Yasuna Fly
Photo: Yasuna Fly/Disclosure

Yasuna Motors hits the market with its new cheap motorcycle that delivers a design similar to the Yamaha MT-15. Discover the Yasuna Fly, which costs less than R$12 thousand.

The motorcycle market is always evolving, and the entry of new brands arouses great expectations among consumers and enthusiasts. A notable example is Yasuna Motors, which recently started its activities in Brazil. The company proposes to offer a cheap Yasuna Fly motorcycle, with a design inspired by the acclaimed Yamaha MT-15, but with prices that do not exceed R$12. This new product promises to shake up the market and attract many interested in an affordable and stylish motorcycle.

Meet the new cheap motorcycle: Yasuna Fly enough to shake the market

The company presents a varied portfolio in the national market, which includes everything from electric scooters up to 200 cc motorcycles. The main featured vehicle is the Yasuna Fly, a new cheap motorcycle inspired by the aesthetics of the Yamaha MT-15, and offered at the attractive price of R$ 11.799, The pricing strategy has a clear focus on making the model accessible and attractive to a large number of consumers.

The pricing strategy has the clear objective of making the motorcycle accessible and attractive to a wide range of consumers. However, the way the brand presents itself to the public leaves some concerns. The lack of quality images and the lack of photos in Yasuna Fly's promotional materials and on the company's official website are points that compromise sales.

For a launch that wants to be promising, the absence of adequate visual support can be a major obstacle. The only photo available of the new cheap motorcycle based on the Yamaha MT-15 is far from doing the product justice. This oversight in visual presentation could be a warning sign about the level of attention that Yasuna Motors devotes to other aspects of its operation in Brazil.

Technical sheet of the new cheap motorcycle based on the Yamaha MT-15 is impressive

In such a competitive market, details like these can define the success or failure of a new market entry. Yasuna's models stand out for their technical specifications. For example, the Yasuna Fly comes equipped with a engine semi-automatic 150 cc, six speeds, disc brakes on both wheels and electronic injection system.

Other models, such as the Yasuna Naipe 125, offer a more classic approach, however, they are also equipped with more modern technologies such as semi-automatic transmission and electric start. Returning to the Yasuna Fly, which is based on the Yamaha MT-15, the engine is a 150 cc double-clutch engine.

The motorcycle has an electric start, electronic ignition, lighting with Full LED Headlight and Digital LCD + LED panel. Powered by gasoline, its fuel tank can store up to 13,5 liters, with a King & Double Inverted suspension. In terms of security, there are alloy wheels, disc brakes + CBS and blocking + anti-theft alarm.

Yasuna's cheap motorcycle promises ease of purchase

In addition to the attractive design and promising features, Yasuna Motors tries to facilitate the purchase of its motorcycles by offering considerable benefits, such as free registration and delivery at no additional cost across the country. These advantages are extensively publicized on the company's official website and on its social media platforms, where the models are displayed in detail. 

However, despite these attractions, it is prudent for consumers to keep a close eye. Yasuna Motors is a newcomer to the Brazilian scene and has not yet established a proven track record of durability and spare parts availability. 

Therefore, it is essential that those who want to buy the new cheap motorcycle inspired by the Yamaha MT-15 carry out in-depth research into the company beforehand. With a well-defined marketing strategy and a genuine commitment to quality, Yasuna has the potential to become a popular choice among Brazilian motorcyclists. Despite the tempting proposal of Yasuna Motors, it is vital that consumers stay informed.

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