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Discover how to study for free in the Netherlands with a full scholarship

Written by Bruno Teles
Published 11/03/2024 às 19:14
Discover how to study for free in the Netherlands with a full scholarship
Photo: Disclosure/Netherlands

Full scholarship paves the way for Brazilians to study for free in the Netherlands, offering quality education, housing, airline tickets and student salary.

The golden opportunity has arrived for everyone who dreams of flying high, crossing borders and enjoying a quality education without spending a penny. Europe opens its doors, more precisely to study for free in the Netherlands, with an irresistible offer: a full-ride scholarship that covers absolutely everything. Yes, you read that right! The only expense would be the fuel for your car to the airport, as from then on, your educational journey is fully funded.

Specializing in turning the impossible into reality, our team has sent more than 10.700 people abroad with 100% full scholarships. Our objective is clear: to democratize access to cutting-edge education, elevating Brazilians to the best positions on the global stage, whether in renowned companies, prestigious universities or innovative research groups.

This scholarship not only promises a free education in one of the most enchanting and bike-friendly nations in the world, but it also comes with several additional benefits. Imagine studying in a country known for its hospitality and beauty, without worrying about the costs of education, and still having the chance to work and earn a salary while studying. It looks like a dream? Well, here's your chance to make it come true.

Scholarship: an investment in your future

Investing in your future has never been so accessible. With this scholarship you will have:

  • Free education: Forget about expensive monthly fees. Here, quality and freeness go hand in hand.
  • Flight tickets and visa included: The path is clear from your home to the classroom in the Netherlands.
  • Work permission: Explore the European job market and enrich your CV internationally.
  • Student salary: Yes, you get paid to learn! In addition to exceptional training, your financial stability is guaranteed.

Why Scholarship in Netherlands?

The Netherlands stands out not only for its quality of life and openness to foreigners, but also for an educational approach that prepares you for global success. Dutch universities are known for their academic excellence, innovation and an inclusive atmosphere that welcomes students of all ages and backgrounds.

How to study for free in the Netherlands?

Preparation is essential, and believe me, the reward is worth every minute invested. Visit the university's official website, explore available courses, accommodation and everything else the institution offers. Remember: knowledge is the key to opening the door to the best international opportunities, IN THIS LINK.

For those determined to turn their dreams into reality, we offer expert mentoring to navigate this process successfully. With dedication and the right direction, winning your scholarship in the Netherlands is within your reach.

This scholarship in the Netherlands represents more than an educational project; It's a life project. For those who strive and dream, the doors are open. It's your turn to shine on the international stage, study in the Netherlands for free and, who knows, completely transform your future.

What is it like living in the Netherlands?

What is it like living in the Netherlands?

In addition to studying for free in the Netherlands, find out what it's like to live in the country. The Dutch social fabric is woven with threads of diversity and inclusion, making its cities true cultural melting pots. The presence of professionals and students from all over the world creates a vibrant and cosmopolitan environment, where English emerges as the lingua franca, especially in the academic and professional environment. This linguistic ease is one of the many attributes that make the Netherlands especially attractive to those seeking global opportunities without the language barrier.

Adding to the experience of living in the Netherlands is its exemplary healthcare system. Once enrolled in mandatory health insurance, students have access to high-quality consultations, exams and treatments, ensuring peace of mind to focus on their studies and exploring this enchanting country.

Dutch cuisine, with its varied and affordable options, is a delight for the palate. Dishes such as stroopwafel, a traditional sweet that delights everyone who tastes it, are just a sample of the rich local cuisine, which can be enjoyed without weighing on your pocket, thanks to decent wages and a stable economy.

Challenges of Dutch housing

While finding the ideal home can present challenges, especially in sought-after cities, the rewards are worth the effort. Amsterdam enchants with its canals and rich cultural life, Rotterdam impresses with its modern architecture, and The Hague fascinates with its political relevance and nearby natural beauty. The choice to live in the center or opt for more remote accommodation It's a decision that balances personal preference, convenience, and cost.

The Netherlands' strategic location is an invaluable bonus, opening the door to the rest of Europe. The ease of traveling to neighboring countries enriches the experience of living in the Netherlands, allowing students to explore the continent's history, culture and landscapes with ease and accessibility.

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