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Discover the incredible Xambioá bridge: one of the largest bridges over a river in the country. With a total estimated cost of R$193,1 million, this construction is transforming the North of Brazil

Written by Noel Budeguer
Published 18/06/2024 às 18:03
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The incredible Xambioá bridge: transforming the North of Brazil, the largest bridge over a river in Brazil

The Xambioá bridge is changing the North of Brazil by connecting Tocantins to Pará. Discover how this monumental construction is transforming the region and boosting the local economy

The Northern region of Brazil is truly remarkable. Its vast territorial extension makes it the largest region in the country, home to incredible biodiversity, especially due to the majestic Amazon Rainforest. The influence of the natural landscape on people's lives is evident, reflected in the presence of riverside communities and the use of rivers as the main means of transport. Furthermore, the construction of infrastructure, such as bridges and roads, is essential to improve connectivity and development in the region.

The North is the only Brazilian region crossed by the Equator, which contributes to an equatorial climate, characterized by high temperatures and abundant rainfall.

The Xambioá bridge: a monumental work for the North of Brazil

The highlight in the region currently is the construction of the Xambioá bridge, which will connect the states of Tocantins and Pará, eliminating the need to use ferries to cross the Araguaia River. This will be one of the largest bridges over a river in Brazil, with an impressive length of 1727 meters and a budget of 193 million reais. A strategic importance of this work for the northern region of the country is undeniable, representing one of the largest investments in the area, with benefits that go beyond infrastructure, positively impacting local economies.

Challenges and achievements in building the bridge

Although construction of the bridge began more than a decade ago, in 2010, it faced several challenges and readjustments over time. Finally, in 2017, the work contract was signed by former president Michel Temer, and in April 2020, after legal disputes, work began. The main objective of the bridge is to improve the logistics of BR-153, the main route for transporting local production, especially in the agribusiness and mining areas. Currently, the crossing of BR-153 between the states of Tocantins and Pará is done by ferries, which generates high costs, waiting time and difficulties during the rainy season.

The work, which measures 1,7 km in length, will directly benefit 500 people and help with the economic development of the entire region.

Environmental impact and preservation measures in the construction of the bridge

The construction of the Xambioá bridge also has a significant impact on environmental issues, due to the importance of the Araguaia River for the local ecosystem. The river is home to the largest river island in the world, Bananal Island, as well as other sand islands that form during the dry period. Therefore, during the construction of the bridge, several measures are being taken to minimize negative impacts on the environment. Communication with local populations and challenges overcome

Another concern during the construction of the bridge was communication with local populations. The objective is to inform about the progress of the work, avoid accidents and act efficiently in possible emergencies. This constant communication is essential to guarantee the safety of people who live close to the work and to maintain a transparent dialogue with the community.

The Xambioá bridge and its transformative role in the North region

The Xambioá bridge is more than an engineering work, it is a symbol of progress and development for the Northern region of Brazil. With its inauguration imminent, it represents not only the overcoming of technical challenges, but also the joining of efforts to achieve a common goal. Its impact will be felt not only on infrastructure, but also on the economy, the environment and the quality of life of people living in the region. The Xambioá bridge is, without a doubt, an achievement to be celebrated and a milestone in the history of Brazil.

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