Home Video: Director of Ecovix wants to hire 1000 workers at his shipyard

Video: Director of Ecovix wants to hire 1000 workers at his shipyard

19 April 2018 08 gies: 43
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The expectation for the judicial recovery of the Ecovix shipyard in Rio Grande is high. The director of Ecovix records a video for professionals in the naval industry

Responsible for the Rio Grande Shipyard, the Ecovix group intends to resume activities in the municipality of Rio Grande do Sul that had been interrupted since the end of 2016. The company, which won a tender from Petrobras in 2010 and delivered five oil exploration platforms, has been in judicial recovery since December of that year , with the aim of restructuring its R$7,5 billion debt and preserving assets currently estimated at R$3,4 billion.

Ecovix has created a judicial reorganization plan that hopes to be approved soon to put into practice the new proposals for the shipyard in the Southern Half of the State. The company is now awaiting a court decision on the meeting of creditors to put the plans in motion. Among the ideas raised by the company is acting in port activity (with docking of vessels and cargo handling), repairs on oil platforms and ships, steel processing for the metalworking industry and completion of the P-71 platform.

This last structure began to be built by the Rio Grande Shipyard, but Petrobras decided to move the order to Asia. Ecovix's goal is to take advantage of what has already been done and build an oil platform that would not necessarily need to be destined for the state-owned company, making it possible to negotiate it with another company in the market

Ecovix Director Video

The executive director of Ecovix, Christiano Morales, said, during a visit to the Jornal do Comércio this Tuesday (17), that the perspective is to assemble this platform in partnership with the Japanese group Toyo, which maintains the EBR shipyard, in São José do Norte. The resumption of operations in Rio Grande would represent the creation of 600 jobs in a first stage, and should reach around 1 jobs in a second phase.

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