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ELFE company hiring assistant to work in Vitória-ES

29 July 2018 to 23: 30
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ELFE Vacancies Vitória ES

A large national company is hiring a technical assistant for its base in Vitória Espirito Santo

Considered one of the largest companies operating in the Brazilian industrial sectors and mainly in the Oil and Gas sector, ELFE has been making itself increasingly competitive in the market and, as a result, has frequently hired qualified professionals for its work. Professionals who have experience as a mechanical assistant, there is a great opportunity in Vitótia-ES. To participate in the selection process, see the requirements that ELFE established as essential for selection.

Vacancy and Requirements:

Mechanical Technical Assistant

  •  General maintenance experience
  • Knowledge of centrifugal pumps
  • Skills with gears, vane pumps, spindle pumps, reciprocating compressors
  • Vibration analysis, assembly of metallic structures, among other activities

The selection processes have become more demanding every day due to the number of competitors and the different training and courses required. Pay attention to these questions and review your documentation, the expiration dates of certificates and diplomas. Check for grammar mistakes in the resume and put e-mail and contact telephone numbers that are frequently used. Following all the tips, the possibility of being called to the process will be great.

How to Apply:

ELFE has made some observations for the professional who will apply for the vacancy, he must reside in Greater Vitória or regions, when sending the resume do not forget to insert in the subject “MECHANICAL TECHNICAL ASSISTANT”. To send the resume is very simple, interested parties should send it to the following email:




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