Home Brazilian shipping company with 29 vessels is registering CVs in all areas

Brazilian shipping company with 29 vessels is registering CVs in all areas

December 8 from 2017 to 10: 56
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Professionals of all categories, whether working on land or at sea, operational or administrative at Norsul

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Norsul has been active since the 60's without ever interrupting its operations in Brazilian waters, it is also one of the largest in the shipping industry. Se Expertise is focused on transport logistics of all types, such as bulk and neo-bulk cargo, general cargo, project cargo and liquid / chemical cargo, in cabotage and long haul. Currently, Companhia de Navegação Norsul owns 29 maritime units, 23 of which are under the Brazilian flag. It has 429 maritime employees and more than 160 in the administrative and commercial field. (Data from 2017). See below some of their vessels:

Norsul Abrolhos, Norsul Belmonte, Norsul Caravelas, Norsul Vega, Norsul Vitória, Norsul, Norsul 2, Norsul 3, Norsul 4, Norsul 5, Norsul 6, Norsul 7, Norsul 8, Norsul 9, Norsul 10, Norsul 11, Norsul 12, Norsul 14, Sveva, Guanaco, Juruti, Norsul Crateus, Pio Grande, Sepetiba Bay, Babitonga Bay and Guanabara Bay. Remembering that all these units are operational and in full activity. If you want to see what each one looks like, go to Google > Images and type in the name of the vessel.

If you have training as a Captain, First Mate, Commander, Boatswain Officer, Deck Sailor, Steward, Cabotage Master, Chief Engineer, Engineer Officer, Machine Driver, Radio Operator, Safety Technician, Mechanic, Electrician, Cook , Nurse, Crane Operator, Pumper and Diver, register your resume directly accessing the registration form that is made available by Norsul here. Remembering that there are no selection processes open, it was just asked by her on social networks to register their resume in the system, but when it starts like this it's because something has.

If you want to know how to become a maritime hospitality professional, access the article here, Click Petróleo e Gás explains the requirements, schools that teach the course and issue your maritime license (CIR).

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