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Company seeks radio operators for immediate boarding

10 from 2018 to 09 at 10: XNUMX
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oil company radio operator jobs

Professionals who will work offshore will screen the RHDNS Human Resources firm, understand the requirements

Radio operators or popularly known as "radio operators", are fundamental in the offshore environment due to a series of reasons., among the main ones, notifying or calling a certain employee or team when it is not possible to find them physically, alerting about security incidents, aligning the onshore base to pass information to the unit team in the sea, notifying when the aircraft is “15 minutes away”… So, enough rambling and here’s the opportunity:

The company that is recruiting radio operators and RHDNS, which has offices in several places in Brazil and its main focus is on the oil and gas segment. She disclosed the opportunities a little while ago, including direct contact via email and telephone. But read the requirements of the opportunities before that:

  • HUET
  • CBSP

All these certifications mentioned above are specific and non-negotiable!

Interested and within the function in these opportunities for radio operators, can get in touch in two different ways: by e-mail or call on the phone: 2132699882. We plead with you, like, ?WE ASK FOR THE LOVE OF GOD? so that you do not send resumes or keep calling the company if you do not hold the assignments requested, you will not be called or considered for any selection process in this way!

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