Home Maritime hotel company closes another contract with Petrobras

Maritime hotel company closes another contract with Petrobras

28 from 2018 to 02 at 10: XNUMX
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Maritime hotel company closes another contract with Petrobras

LC Restaurantes has just closed yet another maritime hotel contract to serve the FPSO P-75 platform

In order to control and organize the maritime hospitality sector of the FPSO P-75 platform, Petrobras has just signed yet another contract with LC Restaurantes of the GPS group. With the capacity to produce 150 b/d of oil and process 6 million m3/d of gas, the brand new unit faces a major challenge in terms of increasing domestic oil production. The services provided by the contractor include food, cleaning, general hygiene among many others, thus ensuring a quality service to offshore professionals.

How will the contract

The contract will run for six months and LC Restaurantes has long experience in the maritime hotel industry as a supplier to Petrobras units. Currently, for a company to sign a contract with the State, it needs to have experience in the field in which it operates and a lot of operational quality to meet all the customer's requirements at a high level.

Opportunity in the maritime hospitality industry

According to LC Restaurantes, the investment in the contract is approximately 4,5 million reais, thus increasing the company's staff, guaranteeing yet another great opportunity to hire several professionals in the sector. The project is big and the challenges are even bigger for the company, which will have a newly arrived unit from China ahead of it, which will include many companies contracted to serve the Petrobras client and also the state-owned company's employees who work on a boarding basis.

Oil is not going to disappear from the world any time soon.


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