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Offshore company with job opportunity in Macaé

4 from 2018 from September to 07: 25
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Offshore company with job opportunity in Macaé

To work in the organization of boarding personnel offshore company search in Macaé professional with experience

An offshore company has a great job opportunity in Macaé for a professional who has a higher education and knowledge of the offshore sector, and mainly with the management of personnel who will work on board in operational units in the oil basins where it has contracts. The hired professional will have great responsibilities within the organization of the company Fusão Offshore in the organizational part of personnel, acting in the management of the logistics of embarkation and disembarkation of the teams.

Vacancies and Requirements

Desirable degree in Production Engineering or Administration

Technical knowledge desirable but not mandatory

Job activities

Planning, monitoring and control of shipping teams, preparation of measurement bulletins, service evolution reports, technical meetings with customers, on-site visits, logistics of people, materials, etc. The professional chosen for this role will be the main interface between Fusão Offshore and the team at the client's onshore units.

How to apply for the job

The professional with his knowledge and experiences that are compatible with the vacancy and wants to participate in the Offshore Fusion selection process. Send resumes to: A warning that we always pass on to candidates is the following: beware of grammatical errors and non-standard formatting. By avoiding mistakes like those mentioned above, the chance will be greater in the selection process.

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