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Stefanini Company looking for Potentials 2019.

26 from 2018 from September to 07: 16
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vacancies, stefanini, employment, multinational, different regions of the country
vacancies, stefanini, employment, multinational, different regions of the country

Stefanine's pursuit of prosperity through technological innovation takes her to the level she is today, giving opportunities to everyone.

The company Stefanine is looking for potential people for its 2019 team. This program is open to all areas, regardless of the specific knowledge to which the candidate is related. In addition to learning in practice, applicants are close to leaders and receive support from them to develop their career in the best way and take on new challenges.

This program is unique and provides those who participate with differentiated experiences with entrepreneurship challenges working in a network, that is, the people who participate can have contact with any level of the hierarchy, whether directors, presidents, listening to each other and working together for the better business, professional and personal development.

The international career is no mystery because Stefanine is a large Brazilian multinational, which encompasses business analysis and a broad market vision, creating differentiated solutions, providing a perfect digital transformation, guaranteeing agile results with lasting impact. A company of this size that works with more than 500 customers in telecommunications, financial, manufacturing, chemical, public and technological services is easy to think of an activity in the international market.

If you have an entrepreneurial attitude and spirit, like technology and innovation and making a difference, this is the perfect time and opportunity to try to be part of the culture of this highly regarded company in the market.

Don't waste time and enroll in the 2019 Potentials program.

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