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Engineers from all backgrounds are invited

3 April 2018 10 gies: 58
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Engineers from all backgrounds are invited
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For those with higher education, stay alert because many companies have opened opportunities for engineers in different types of the job market

Engineers are needed in almost every type of industrial undertakings, regardless of whether they are in the oil, industrial, environmental or civil construction sectors, despite the fact that few opportunities are appearing as a result of the financial recession we are experiencing. With official positive numbers released by the Union regarding the recovery of employability and economic recovery, some large contractors and service providers are hiring again, see some updated opportunities below:

  • Citta Engenharia ⇒ Will be responsible for the execution of structural masonry apartments, quality management, production measurement and work safety Higher Education in Civil Engineering, with active CREA, previous experience in construction management and Easy access to Joinville and region. Interested send email to recruitment@citta.eng,br. Benefits include Transport Voucher, Food and Life Insurance with regular working hours.
  • ARCADIS ⇒ Professionals trained in Forestry, Environmental, Agronomist, Biologist, Geographer, among other training courses, can apply for new projects signed by the company, just having 2 years or more of experience in environmental or road projects and availability to live in RJ, SP, MG or SC. Resumes for

You may already know, but it never hurts to remember that the oil auctions in the 15th round were a success and that 94% of the auctions were in the Campos Basin, the companies that took over the blocks were Petrobras, ExxonMobil and Statoil, translating into easy words: More business opportunities in sight and the ball is back to being the main producing municipalities in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, check out the article for more details.

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