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Equinor breaks barriers in Brazil with the launch of a hybrid boat, reducing emissions by up to 40%

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 29/12/2023 às 13:29
Equinor breaks barriers in Brazil with the launch of a hybrid boat, reducing emissions by up to 40%
Photo: Equinior/Disclosure

Equinor launches the first hybrid boat in Brazil, promising to reduce the company's carbon emissions by up to 40%.

The first PSV boat (Platform Supply Vessel) operating in Brazilian waters with zero carbon emissions entered service by Equinor. This hybrid boat, equipped with a battery system, allows alternation between electric and diesel power. Operating in the logistics of the Bacalhau field, in the Santos Basin, the vehicle is expected to reduce its CO2 emissions by up to 40% during its activities.

Hybrid boat is the result of a partnership between Equinor and CBO

The PSV hybrid boat is responsible for transporting from the mainland to the units offshore, the supplies and equipment necessary for the operation of the assets. By reducing the use of combustion engines, which is only possible due to batteries, it is also possible to reduce carbon emissions generated by diesel consumption.

The hybrid vessel, in the service of Equinor, is the result of a contract between the Norwegian company and the Brazilian group CBO. The partnership also plans to convert a new hybrid PSV for next year.

Among the partners in Bacalhau are Equinor 40% (operator) ExxonMobil 40%, Petrogal Brasil 20% and Pré-sal Petróleo SA (Convernamental Company, PSA Manager). In this way, Equinor puts into practice a new route to reduce carbon emissions from shipping, an alternative, for example, to the use of marine fuels with a mixture of biofuels. At the end of June, Petrobras announced tests of a bunker with 24% biodiesel in its composition.

Equinor has already adopted a hybrid boat since 2016

According to Veronica Coelho, president of Equinor Brasil, last year the company announced the start of replacing diesel with natural gas in Peregrino. Now, by including electrical energy as the driving force of a hybrid boat, the company knows that reducing carbon emissions in its activities will be even more important. Important steps to achieve, by 2050, the ambition of being a company with no net carbon emissions. 

For Rafael Tristão, director of contracting and supplies at the Norwegian company, the use of a hybrid boat is aligned with Equinor's global strategy, in addition to reaffirming its commitment to creating local value, as adaptations to the vessel are being carried out. in Brazil by CBO, your 100% Brazilian partner supplier.

The oil company is ready to provide long-term partnerships with suppliers that bring innovative solutions, new technologies and value maximization to its projects and operations. Equinor adopted its first global hybrid vessel in 2016 in Norway. The company has boats of this type operating in 100% of its operations in the North Sea.

Meet Equinor

Equinor is a global energy company with a proud history, being Norway's largest operator, one of the world's largest offshore operators, and a growing force in renewables. The company has around 20 thousand people developing oil, gas, wind and solar energy in more than 30 countries. There are around 2 million barrels (boe) produced every day around the world. 67% of Equinor's shares are owned by the Norwegian government.

Leveraged by its Nordic desire to explore beyond the horizon and its commitment to safety, equality and sustainability, the company is building a global business strongly based on its values ​​and the needs of future energy. Norwegian is committed to setting new industry standards and sourcing energy globally responsibly.

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