Home National shipyards suffer from unfinished vessels

National shipyards suffer from unfinished vessels

4 from 2018 from September to 08: 14
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National shipyards suffer from unfinished vessels

National shipyards with several platforms, rigs and important oil tankers for the exploration and production of oil and gas, mainly in the pre-salt layer, are unfinished

Before the scandals involving Petrobras and several companies in the national industrial sector, we were experiencing moments of glory mainly in the shipbuilding sector in Brazil. The shipyards with numerous vessels being built to meet the contracts that were constantly increasing, making the shipyards invest in growth and personnel. With the start of the jet-washing operation, all contracts were cancelled, due to the involvement of these companies with corrupt politicians, generating a cemetery of unfinished and rusty vessels, causing damage without return.

the financial loss

According to numbers made available by those responsible for the contracts at the shipyards, investments of at least US$ 4,3 billion (R$ 17,6 billion) are going to the scrapyard. There are vessels that lacked 10% to be completed. The Merchant Marine spent BRL 34,4 billion on subsidized credit for the naval sector. R$ 2,4 billion of this amount were allocated to the construction of these unfinished units and the expansion of shipyards.

How to solve the problem

After numerous meetings to try to bring solutions to this huge problem, representatives of Petrobras said the following "for technical, legal and economic reasons, there is no possibility of resuming the construction of these units". In short, there is no possibility of finishing these billion dollar units and placing them at sea for operations. Experts believe that with all these problems it is possible for the sector to rise and tread winning paths in the near future.

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