Home Excellent opportunity for the technical area in Mechanics

Excellent opportunity for the technical area in Mechanics

25 from 2018 from September to 13: 41
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Excellent opportunity for the technical area in Mechanics

Great job opportunity for the maintenance area with technical training in mechanics and knowledge of heavy machinery

In this matter we will be presenting job opportunities for the area of ​​maintenance and heavy machinery. Candidates must have experience in the area and technical training in mechanics. The technical area has its importance in the industry, because the professional is trained to work in the practical part in operational environments and industrial maintenance. For the vacancy presented here, the candidate must have skills and knowledge of heavy machinery and be available to work at Marca Ambiental.

Vacancies and Application Requirements

Industrial Maintenance Mechanic - Contorno Highway

  • 6 months of experience in the field
  • Technical Training in Mechanics

 Mechanic and Heavy Machinery Assistant - Rodovia do Contorno

  • Complete High School
  • Desirable Technical Training in Mechanics

Professionals in the technical area in mechanics carry out maintenance on components, equipment and industrial machines, plan maintenance activities, evaluate operating conditions and performance of machine and equipment components, lubricate machines, components and tools. They document technical information, carry out quality and environmental preservation actions and work in accordance with safety standards.

Application procedure

A very important tip about the requirements made available by the company's human resources, they are actually charged in the selective process for hiring the future technician and assistant of the company. So, be very careful when sending your resume, avoiding information outside the requirements, grammatical errors and courses with expired expiration dates. If you are interested in vacancies, send your resume to by 30/09/2018 with the name of the vacancy in the subject field.

ELTMAN Engineering and systems company hiring professionals

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