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Experience with the BMW i7: luxury and electric power on the track.

Written by Paulo S. Nogueira
Published 01/12/2023 às 07:38
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Ivo Meneghel Jr./Canaltech

The BMW i7 truly is a jewel on wheels. Furthermore, the 100% electric sedan surprises with an incredible 8k TV inside. With its impressive 544 hp of power, it is also a real standout on the track. To learn more about this incredible vehicle, keep reading.

Even without counting the powerful 6 cylinders in line under the hood, the BMW i7 is a faithful representative of German tradition. The drivability of the silk can feel a little clumsy in tight corners, however, similar to the X7, the vehicle is equipped with a variety of technologies that make it always ready to face any challenge presented to it.

It is highly unlikely that someone would be willing to invest R$1.282.950 in a car that stands out for its luxury and sophistication (including a 31-inch built-in screen with 8k resolution) to risk their assets every day on a race track. In this sense, the BMW i7 xDrive60 represents the ideal option, allowing the vehicle to occasionally have fun on a race track, alongside its siblings designed for this purpose.

O BMW i7 combines luxury, advanced technology and performance, making it a unique option in the automobile market.

In contrast to the X7: BMW i7 demonstrated greater suitability for the track, despite being a vehicle of considerable size for those who intend to use it in speed events.

The sedan, which weighs 2.715 kg and measures 5.391 mm in length, 1.950 mm in width, 1.544 mm in height and 3.215 mm in wheelbase, offered a superior dynamic performance to the SUV of the same brand. However, it is still far from the automobiles of BMW with a sporting heritage, such as the M2 and M3 (which were also tested and we will have more information about these experiences soon).

testing the BMW i7 xDrive60 on the Capuava Farm Circuit

The opportunity to experience the BMW i7 xDrive60 on padel appeared shortly after testing the new generation of X7 on the Capuava Farm circuit. The comparison between the V8 mild hybrid SUV and the powerful electric sedan became inevitable, considering that the interval between testss was just a few seconds.

In fact, in just a few seconds it became clear that the specifications of the BMW i7 are impressive. O torsion of almost 80 kgf/m, delivered instantly when stepping on the accelerator, is strong enough to push the driver to the seat – and anyone who dares to follow the lap in the padel. **A power is truly haunting.**

A representative of Canaltech had the opportunity to experience the acceleration of the i7 on the farm's internal circuit in three quick laps (literally). Although brief, the tests was enough to experience the capabilities of the two electric motors, one on each axle, the power combined 544 hp, and the torsion of 75,9 kgf/m.

Check out how the BMW i7 behaves in padels.

Presented worldwide in CES 2023 and introduced to the Brazilian market at the end of August, the BMW i7 xDrive60 is a then electric from luxury which offers a sophisticated finish and even an onboard entertainment system.

No Capuava Farm Racetrack, the impressive then attracted attention along with the new generation of X7: SUV of the brand, which was launched in Brazil on the 7th. The presence of the two models highlighted the reason why the i28 xDrive7 is considered a vehicle com performance Sporty, at least in terms of driving.

Source: Channel Tech

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