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Fiat Toro or Rampage? with almost R$50 THOUSAND difference, which of the two wins if placed side by side?

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 09/07/2024 às 21:33
Fiat Toro, Ram Rampage, pickup truck
Photo: AutoPapo Reproduction

Discover the main differences between Fiat Toro and Ram Rampage pickup trucks to decide which one best suits your needs

Fiat Toro and Ram Rampage represent two distinct pickup options in the pickup truck universe, each with unique characteristics that can attract different types of consumers. While the Fiat Toro stands out for its robust design and urban versatility, ideal for those looking for comfort and practicality in everyday life, the Ram Rampage impresses with its power and load capacity, making it a solid choice for those who need a robust vehicle for heavy work, according to the WebMotors website. 

Both pickup models offer advanced technology and interior comfort, but differ significantly in size and load capacity, allowing consumers to choose according to their specific needs and lifestyle.

Pickup comparison: Fiat Toro vs Ram Rampage

Exterior design 

  • The Fiat Toro has a more Italian design, with rounded and aerodynamic lines.
  • The Ram Rampage has a more robust and square design, typical of American products, with 100% integrated LED headlights.

Dimensions and structure of pickup trucks

  • The Rampage is significantly larger in length and width, with a higher hood height compared to the Toro.
  • Both share the same 2,99 meter wheelbase, but the Rampage looks like a Toro scaled up in proportions.

Engine and performance

  • The Rampage offers a 2.0-horsepower 272 Turbo engine and all-wheel drive, while the Toro has options that include lower-performance diesel and gasoline engines.
Photo: Reproduction Canal Accelerados

Interior and comfort of pickup trucks

  • The Rampage's interior is described as more premium, with better quality materials such as leather and soft plastics, typical of a Jeep Commander.
  • The Toro, on the other hand, has a simpler finish, with smoother plastics and fewer textures.

Utility and load

  • Both have similar load capacity, with the ability to carry up to 1 ton, depending on engine configuration.

equipment and technology

Price and market

  • The Fiat Toro Ultra could cost R$ 220.000 while the Ram Rampage Laramie Diesel can be found at R$ 239.000;

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