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Requiring only elementary education: Fire Department of Minas Gerais opens selection process with 280 vacancies

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 19/04/2024 às 23:56
Minas Gerais Fire Department vacancies
Photo: MG Agency

Fire Department of Minas Gerais announces opening of registrations from April 22nd to 29th for hundreds of temporary job openings focusing on candidates with primary education complete, check the details below.

The Minas Gerais Fire Department will open in days 22 to 29 registrations for a competition focusing on candidates with complete primary education. It is worth noting that the hiring is temporary for Forest Fire Prevention and Fighting Brigades. In total, the competition has 280 vacancies in different municipalities.

Distribution of vacancies in the Minas Gerais Fire Department

The opportunities of elementary school competition are distributed in the following municipalities:

  • Belo Horizonte;
  • São Gonçalo do Rio Preto;
  • Bowl;
  • Itamarandiba;
  • Tourmaline;
  • Rio Pardo de Minas;
  • Leme do Prado;
  • Bonito de Minas;
  • Marlieria;
  • Itacarambi;
  • Congonhas do Norte;
  • Good Hope;
  • Conceição do Mato Dentro;
  • Jaíba;
  • Itaipé;
  • Chapada Gaúcha;
  • Botumirim;
  • Malacacheta;
  • Diamond;
  • Doorman;
  • Milho Verde District – Serro;
  • Mogol grain;
  • Serranópolis de Minas;
  • Conceição do Ibitipoca;
  • Blue Hill;
  • Mato Verde;
  • Pedro Leopoldo;
  • Matias Cardoso;
  • New Cruise;
  • Castor beans;
  • District of Ipoema – Itabira;
  • Guanhães;
  • Alagoa;
  • Black gold;
  • Araponga;
  • Gameleira;
  • Baependi;
  • Uberlândia;
  • Seven lagoons;
  • Montes Claros;
  • Spinoza;
  • Litany;
  • Bocaiúva;
  • Arinos;
  • Buenópolis;
  • Santana do Riacho;
  • Mango;
  • Counselor Pena;
  • Januária;
  • Meadows.

It is worth mentioning that the firefighters from the Minas Gerais Fire Department They are trained to fight flames, deal with venomous animals and provide first aid, wearing uniforms and boots that resist high temperatures and flame-retardant balaclavas.

The brigades are equipped with a backpack pump, blower, whip, damper, motor pump, brush cutter, hoe and sickle, all with Certificate of Approval. They also have 4×4 vehicles, which facilitate access to difficult places. Some of the brigades only operate during the critical fire period.

Others, the whole year. During the rainy season, they work with environmental education and maintenance of seedlings planted in recovery areas and construction of firebreaks, removing vegetation in a strip that helps fight fire when it hits them.

Find out how to register for the elementary school competition

Interested parties must register for the Minas Gerais Fire Department competition between April 22nd and 29th through the website of the State Forestry Institute, the panel organizing the selection process.

Registration is completely free and those who are willing to participate in the primary education contest must be Brazilian, be up to date with their electoral obligations, be up to date with their military obligations (for male candidates), be at least 18 years old and, at most, 59 years of age on the date of registration.


When filling out your details, when registering online, the candidate must attach the required documents in PDF, PNG, JPEG format. These include: Identity Card, Certificate or Declaration of participation in a Forest Fire Prevention and Fighting Brigade Course, or equivalent, issued between 2012 and 2024, among others.

Additional information about the Fire Department selection process from MG

The selection of candidates will include steps such as Registration/Curriculum Analysis, with documents required in the notice. In the second stage, selected candidates must also present a medical certificate proving physical and mental fitness.

The candidate will be eliminated from the competition for primary education if they do not present the mandatory documents for each stage of the selection process, show signs of drunkenness or drug consumption, at any stage of the simplified selection process, among others.


The administrative law contract to be signed will be valid for 4 months, extendable according to the interest of the Public Administration. The delivery of documents for hiring should take place in June, according to the calls to be published on the IEF website and in the Official Gazette of MG. 

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