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Fire Departments throughout Brazil announce new public competitions with more than 3.000 vacancies; salaries of up to R$8.213,00 for candidates with primary and secondary education

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 14/06/2024 às 09:14
Fire Departments throughout Brazil open selection process with more than 3.000 vacancies; salaries of up to R$8.213,00 for candidates with primary and secondary education
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The Fire Department's new selection process promises to open more than 3 thousand vacancies throughout Brazil. In addition to offering thousands of opportunities, the competition stands out for its excellent salaries and benefits, making it an excellent option for those looking for stability and professional growth.

This year promises to be highly favorable for anyone aspiring to a career in firefighting competitions. A new Fire Department competition will be opened throughout Brazil, offering more than 3 vacancies for secondary and higher education candidates. With great salaries and benefits, this is an excellent opportunity for those seeking stability and professional growth in the public security field. Get ready to take advantage of this unique chance to enter a challenging and rewarding career.

Public competition for the Fire Department with the highest number of vacancies

A roll of public competitions is planned that will bring exciting new opportunities for aspiring firefighters at secondary or higher levels. To date, the Fire Department competition with the most open vacancies is that of Maranhão, which is getting closer and closer to being held. This is because the commission responsible for the new selection process.

It is worth mentioning that, according to Governor Carlos Brandão, the selection of the public tender panel would take place during the month of March, but no one has been hired yet. Although there is no concrete information about the vacancies or positions included in the Fire Department competition, the vice-governor, Felipe Camarão, recently stated that the competition would be held soon with a thousand vacancies for the position of soldier.

The last selection process for the position of officer, whose notice was published with 15 vacancies, had the final classification published. The opportunities required a medium level of training and an age of no more than 35 years. According to the statute, the starting salary of the 1st year CFO student is £ 5.046,49.

Firefighters public competition: notices with defined panel

In addition to competitions with panels to be defined, there are already notices with a panel defined, as is the case with RJ Fire Department competition, which will have Idecan as the organizing committee. The company recorded the highest score in the criteria listed in the Terms of Reference.

According to the document, the selection will offer 144 vacancies for the role of Soldier - Search and Rescue. In relation to the public competition for Combatant Officer, the organization will be the responsibility of the AOCP Institute. The Term of Reference was even published and provides for the offer of 50 career vacancies.

There is also a panel defined for the Amapá Fire Department competition. Governor Waldez Góes announced the hiring of the new bank and, as reported, the company chosen was FGV. There are 280 vacancies in reserve training for officers. To compete for one of the career vacancies, the candidate must have a higher education degree in any area of ​​training. According to the selection process notice, during the training course it is R$ 2.827,00, while after graduation the server will receive R$ 5.313,18.

Firefighters public competition: Authorized notices

Among the competitions with authorized notices is the PR Fire Department competition, which will have 130 vacancies for the position of soldier. In fact, the syllabus has already been released so that candidates can prepare. Subjects such as Portuguese Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Legislation, Biology, IT, Geography, History and Writing will be covered.

O CBM DF notice It was confirmed again for 2024 and will have 356 vacancies. According to the corporation, the estimate is that the new employees will join in 2025. Now, the next step for the public competition will be the hiring of the organizing company, which is in progress, according to information from Condisp's Deputy Executive Secretary, Arthur Magalhães.

Finally, there is the notice of MG Fire Department competition which aims to offer 329 immediate vacancies. Opportunities are distributed among the positions of Combatant Soldier, Combatant Officer, Specialist Soldier and Health Officer, all of which require higher education. Starting salaries range from R$5.097,11 to R$11.037,15.

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