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FPSO BW Adolo arrives in Gabonese waters

22 from 2018 to 07 at 29: XNUMX
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FPSO BW Adolo offshore

BW Offshore's FPSO BW Adolo has arrived off Gabon and is preparing for installation and production in the Tortue field in the coming months

The Tortue field is one of four proven discoveries in the Ruche area within the Dussafu License offshore Gabon. It is operated by BW Energy Gabon (BWEG), which holds a 91,667 percent stake, while Panoro holds an 8,333 percent stake as a partner. BW Energy is a subsidiary of BW Offshore.

Panoro said in its QXNUMX financial report on Tuesday that the FPSO has arrived in Gabon and that the start of production at the Tortue field will take place in the coming months.

Adolo's FPSO had previously worked on the Azurite field, but was later selected by BW for the development of Tortue. The FPSO unit was readied to be deployed to Tortue by a Keppel shipyard in Singapore and officially named FPSO BW Adolo in early April. The FPSO started its journey from Singapore to Gabon in July.

It is worth remembering that BW completed the drilling of the DTM-3H oil production well in June.

The well was drilled and completed as a horizontal production well in the Gamba reservoir and encountered a long horizontal section of oil-saturated Gamba sandstone as expected. The well was suspended after the installation of the subsea tree and is currently ready for production. The DTM-3H Drill completed the Phase 1 development well drill program in the field.

Panoro added in the report that first Phase 1 oil at Tortue was on schedule to be achieved in the second half of 2018 and the operator estimates that initial gross production rates would be in the range of 10.000 to 15.000 barrels of oil per day.

According to the company, Tortue Phase 2 planning is ongoing and will likely consist of new production wells in the Gamba and Dentale D6 reservoirs.

Ruche field drilling

The company reported that the DRNEM-1 well in the Ruche Northeast region of Gabon was drilled by the Borr Norve drilling rig after the end of the quarter. According to Panoro, the results of the well are expected for September.

The Ruche Nordeste target is an undrilled four-way structure in the Gamba reservoir with Dentale potential. The well is located approximately 3,5 km northeast of the Ruche field, in a water depth of 117 m. The purpose of the well is to outline additional resources in preparation for a possible future second production center in the Ruche area.

The drilling of DRNEM-1 follows the completion of drilling operations on the second production well, DTM-3H, in the Tortue field.

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