Home FPSO P-74 is already in the Búzios field and will start oil production by June

FPSO P-74 is already in the Búzios field and will start oil production by June

7 March 2018 to 15: 30
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After a 9-day journey from the EBS shipyard, the P-74 has arrived at its destination and is preparing to connect to the field's wells and start oil and gas production later this semester.

The platform represents a boost in Petrobras' oil and gas production. The FPSO P-74 arrived at the Búzios field, in the Santos Basin, and should start activities by June. The characteristics of the production platform are similar to platforms already in operation in other fields in the Campos and Santos basins. It will be connected and will produce 9 wells. Petrobras has seven platforms scheduled to start operating this year in Brazil.

The Búzios field will start production less than eight years after the transfer of rights contract was signed and the P-74 is included in the area's first definitive production system under this contract. Another four production units are scheduled to integrate this field: P-75 and P-76 (for the second half of this year); P-77 (2019) and Búzios 5 (2021). Each platform will be able to process up to 150 barrels of oil and 7 million m3 of gas daily.

When the entire Búzios field production system is in place, it will add a total of 750 barrels of oil and 35 million m3 of gas per day to the company's already installed production capacity. These projects will jointly produce the volume contracted in the Assignment of Rights for the Búzios field, which is very significant for the company's objective to achieve Brazilian self-sufficiency.

Consequently, in the next two years many job opportunities will arise in all areas, mainly in the technical, operational, various maintenance and nautical areas. Stay tuned and don't forget to follow our publications because we will announce vacancies and contracting companies whenever we have news.

The P-74 platform left the EBR Shipyard today towards Campo de Búzios

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