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Free EAD courses in Portuguese: more than 20 options and with a guaranteed certificate!

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 19/06/2024 às 11:34
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Udemy offers a variety of free EAD courses in Portuguese, taught by experienced and recognized instructors, who can help boost your career!

Udemy, one of the largest distance learning platforms in the world, offers a wide range of free courses with certificate that cover different areas of knowledge. With easy and free access For anyone with internet, these free EAD courses offer a Excellent opportunity to acquire new skills or improve existing knowledge, according to the Catraca Livre website.

Free EAD courses with Udemy certificate: quality and flexibility

Udemy's free EAD courses are taught by highly qualified professionals, ensuring a high standard of teaching. Each of the free EAD courses is structured into modules that include video lessons, practical exercises and support materials, providing a dynamic and interactive learning. Furthermore, the flexibility of schedules and lifetime access to content are great attractions, allowing each person study at your own pace and revisit materials whenever necessary.

One of the main differences of Udemy's free EAD courses is the possibility of obtaining certificate at the end. This adds value to the CV and can open doors to new professional opportunities. From programming and web development to digital marketing and graphic design, Udemy offers quality content which meet the needs of students, professionals and enthusiasts from different sectors.

The 24 most popular free EAD courses in Portuguese on Udemy, with certificate!

Git and GitHub for beginners

Learn the fundamentals of version control with Git and GitHub, essential tools for software developers.

Excel for statistics

Master statistical techniques using Microsoft Excel and improve your analytical skills.

Introduction to the Python language

A complete course for beginners in the Python programming language, one of the most popular on the market.

ChatGPT in 100 minutes: practical guide for beginners

Discover the power of ChatGPT and how to use it in various practical applications.

Regular Expressions with Python 3

Learn how to create and use regular expressions in Python for advanced text manipulation.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Mini Simulation: 2023

Prepare for AWS certification with this practical, up-to-date practice exam.

Amazon AWS, Azure and Google Cloud 2023 certifications guide

A complete guide for those who want to become certified on the main cloud platforms.

UX for those who are not (yet) into UX

Introduction to user experience design, ideal for beginners in the field.

Power BI for everyone: easy and simple!

Learn how to use Power BI to create impactful and interactive data visualizations.

C++ course – intermediate

Deepen your knowledge of C++, a fundamental language for software development.

Introduction to the HTML language

The fundamentals of HTML for those who want to start developing websites and web applications.

Learn C language – fundamentals for programming logic

Essential course for anyone starting out in programming with the C language.

Introduction to the Linux operating system

Discover the main commands and concepts of Linux, one of the most used operating systems in the world.

Database Introduction with MySQL & PHPMyAdmin

Learn how to create and manage databases using MySQL and PHPMyAdmin.

Training in computer networks – Module 0

Introductory course on computer networks, ideal for beginners.

Digital marketing for beginners

Master basic digital marketing strategies and start promoting your business online.

Complete SQL course 2020 + challenges + lots of practice

A comprehensive course on SQL, with lots of practical exercises to reinforce learning.

Python to iniciantes

Another excellent course for those starting to program with Python.

Discovery – English mini course

Improve your English skills with this practical and objective course.

HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript in practice (2 projects)

Learn how to develop complete web projects using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Basic Scrum course – for EVERYONE

Introduction to Scrum, an agile methodology for project management.

Fluency strategies: how to become fluent in English

Tips and techniques to achieve fluency in English.

High-impact public speaking and presentation | mini-course

Develop your communication and public speaking skills with this practical course.

Positivity and emotional intelligence

Improve your emotional intelligence and maintain a positive attitude in everyday life.

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