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FREE online degree recognized by MEC – UFERSA with more than 800 open places in distance learning degree courses

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 14/06/2024 às 08:51
FREE online degree recognized by MEC
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UFERSA offers hundreds of places for distance learning undergraduate courses in four courses. The free online degree offers a certificate at the end of each option chosen.

The Federal Rural University of the Semi-Arid (UFERSA) is open for registration for 4 free online undergraduate courses and degrees offered in distance learning – EAD for free this year. The institution offers 830 places in four distance undergraduate course options for candidates who have completed high school at an institution duly recognized by the MEC.

Find out more about UFERSA's free online degree

The institution's initiative opens its doors and offers 830 places distributed across 4 free Bachelor's Degree courses offered in the distance learning modality in partnership with Open University of Brazil (UAB) which has centers in several municipalities. Vacancies are distributed across the following distance learning undergraduate courses:

Degree in Computing

The Degree in EAD Computing is a great option for those looking to pursue a career in the computing field, but cannot attend an in-person course.

The vacancies are distributed in the centers of Angicos, Caraúbas, Mossoró, Grossos, Parnamirim, Pau dos Ferros, São Gonçalo do Amarante and Serra de São Bento. 

Degree in Physics

The Degree in Physics EAD (Distance Learning) is a great option for those looking for solid and flexible training in this area of ​​knowledge. The opportunities are in Angicos, Mossoró, Caraúbas and Pau dos Ferros.

Degree in Mathematics

The course covers fundamental disciplines in the area, providing a solid foundation of mathematical and pedagogical knowledge. The opportunities are distributed in Angicos, Caraúbas, Natal, Grossos, Pau dos Ferros and Serra de São Bento.

Chemistry graduation

The UFERSA Chemistry Degree in Distance Learning (EAD) offers solid, quality training for those who wish to pursue a career in the field of chemistry or be teachers in the final years of primary and secondary education. The vacancies are in Angicos, Mossoró, Caraúbas and Pau dos Ferros.

Registration for the free online degree closes soon

Registration for distance undergraduate courses takes place on the institution's website until June 16, 2024, through the NEAD UFERSA website. At this address it will be possible to optimize your request for the creation of free subjects and courses on Moodle.

Interested parties must fill in personal data such as Full Name, CPF, ID, E-mail, Telephone, Function, among other important data.

Selection for free courses will take place through documentary analysis, taking advantage of the grades obtained by candidates in the National High School Exam from 2013 to 2023. The classification in the free online degree will be announced in descending order of scores, following the criteria and weight of each area for the selected courses.


Other information must be consulted directly on the institution's website. O diploma obtained from free online graduation can be used to prove education in situations such as public examinations, job search and admission to postgraduate studies. UFERSA's distance learning courses are recognized by the MEC and the diplomas are valid throughout Brazil.

Get to know UFERSA

UFERSA operates with the mission of producing and disseminating knowledge in the field of higher education, focusing on the Brazilian semi-arid region, contributing to the full exercise of citizenship, through humanistic, critical and reflective training, preparing professionals capable of meeting the demands of society.

UFERSA's objectives in its Statute are to provide higher education aiming at the political, scientific, social, environmental and economic development of the individual and society; promote scientific research and investigation work, with a view to the production and dissemination of knowledge; and establish permanent dialogue with society, in order to contribute to the solution of social, environmental, economic and political problems, focusing on the Brazilian semi-arid region.

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