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From Hydraulic Firefighter to Building Technician – Sine Manaus offers more than 50 job openings

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 18/03/2020 às 12:12
Job vacancies in sine Manaus
Manaus announces this Wednesday several job openings

The city of Manaus released this morning (18) several job openings, openings ranging from hydraulic firefighter to Building technician

Those interested in employment opportunities, whether in Hydraulic Firefighter or Building Technician vacancies, should be aware of the jobs in which the other vacancies are being offered, since there are vacancies scattered throughout the Manaus region.

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If you are interested and want to take one of these job vacancies in Manaus, know that in all there are 52 vacancies, these are spread in: São Geraldo, south-central zone, Constantino Nery avenue, Camapuã avenue, Phelippe Daou mall, East zone and finally in Jorge Teixeira.

About job applications

For those interested, to attend any of the posts described above, the posts mentioned are coordinated by the Municipal Department of Labor, Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Semtepi), therefore, participants in the selection process to be employed, must bring their work card, PIS, RG , CPF, proof of residence, reservist certificate (men) and finally a proof of schooling. In case one of the vacancies requires a certain proof of skills, the participant must also present such certificates or documents.

 About job openings

— 10 Vacancies – Goods Repositor – Exclusive Vacancies for People with Disabilities (PCD)

— 7 Vacancies – Industrial Electrician – Fixed-term Contract

— 6 Vacancies – Industrial Mechanic – Fixed-term Contract

— 7 Vacancies – Locksmith – Fixed-term Contract

— 4 Vacancies – Information Attendant – Exclusive Vacancies for People with Disabilities (PCD)

— 2 Vacancies – Hydraulic Firefighter

— 1 Vacancy – Building Technician

— 1 Vacancy – Store Manager in Large Companies

— 1 Tax Assistant Vacancy

— 1 Vacancy – Concierge Agent – ​​Exclusive Vacancy for People with Disabilities (PCD)

Valdemar Medeiros

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