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GM meets with President Lula and announces investment of R$7 BILLION in Brazil to produce the Onix SUV!

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 09/07/2024 às 23:45
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photo/reproduction: radio itatiaia

General Motors bets on the Brazilian market with a new hybrid model, line modernization and restyling in Gravataí (RS)!

A General Motors next to the President Lula, announced a investment de R$7 billion at the Gravataí factory, in Rio Grande do Sul, aiming to produce a new hybrid SUV model derived from the Chevrolet Onix. Scheduled for 2026, the new Onix SUV will use the GEM platform, the same as the popular Onix and Tracker, and promises to be a milestone in the evolution of compact hybrid vehicles in Brazil. In addition, GM also foresees significant modernizations in the Onix and Tracker lines, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and sustainability in the Brazilian automobile market, according to columnfinancial.

Expansion and modernization of the Gravataí factory

The Gravataí factory will receive a significant transformation with the billion-dollar investment. In addition to the production of the new Onix SUV, the plant will be modernized to incorporate cutting-edge technologies, increasing efficiency and sustainability. GM plans to restyling the models Onix and Tracker, with the Tracker being the first to receive visual and finishing updates and a new multimedia center integrated into the instrument panel, similar to the one that debuted on the Spin.

The initiative aims to maintain the competitiveness of Chevrolet in the segment of compact and hybrid SUVs, offering modern and sustainable options to Brazilian consumers. According to Santiago Chamorro, president of GM South America, “Brazil has a very strong potential for electric vehicles, with minerals for the manufacture of batteries. Consumer demand and curiosity are growing".

Launch of the hybrid Onix SUV

The new Onix SUV, which will be positioned below the Tracker, is being designed to compete with models like the Fiat Pulse and Renault Kardian. Equipped with a updated 1.0 turbo flex engine, including direct fuel injection, the vehicle promises to offer a combination of power and efficiency. Although specific details about the hybrid technology have not yet been released, the new model is expected to bring significant innovations in terms of performance and fuel economy.

This launch reflects GM's global strategy to expand its line of electric and hybrid vehicles, as announced by CEO Mary Barra, which plans to manufacture only electric cars by 2035. In Brazil, GM already sells 100% electric models Bolt EV and Bolt EUV, which are imported.

GM and Brazilian government: partnership for the future

The announcement of the R$7 billion investment was made in Brasília, after a meeting with the President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the top brass of the federal government. During the meeting, GM's international president, Shilpan Amin, and Santiago Chamorro highlighted the strategic importance of Brazil for GM's global expansion.

“chevrolet, “investment”, “launch”, “gm”, “onix suv”
photo/reproduction: digital look

In addition to being a vehicle export hub for South America, Brazil has a robust engineering development center and a market with high growth potential. “Brazil is strategic for GM's global business expansion plan“, stated Amin.

New launches and sustainability

GM also confirmed six new launches for 2024, including models Blazer e Equinox EV, Besides the new Spin. These launches are part of the billion-dollar investment cycle announced, highlighting Chevrolet's commitment to innovation and sustainability.

During the press conference in Brasília with President Lula, GM executives mentioned the Voluntary Dismissal Plan (PDV) held at the end of last year, which resulted in the dismissal of around 1,2 employees. Despite the layoffs, GM reaffirmed its commitment to the Brazilian market, highlighting that operations will continue and investments will continue to strengthen its presence in the country.

Therefore, GM's R$7 billion investment in the Gravataí plant represents a significant milestone in the Brazilian automobile industry, bringing innovations and advanced technologies to the market. The launch of Onix hybrid SUV and modernizations in the lines Onix and Tracker These are important steps to consolidate Chevrolet as a leader in the popular and sustainable vehicle segment in Brazil.

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