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Human Resources Group recruits professionals for industrial work

10 July 2018 to 15: 01
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human resources works vacancies

There are several functions announced by Desafio RH in a new project, check out the positions available and how to apply

Human Resources specialized in hiring manpower in various modalities of industry and civil construction, it promotes a large selection process in many functions. This is the company Desafio RH, which announced its new hiring phase on social networks, unfortunately the company requesting its services was not disclosed at this first moment. After reading this article, access the Edicon Engenharia selection process, it is also receiving resumes.

Open positions at HR Challenge

According to Human Resources, opportunities were disclosed in the following functions:

  • Quality assistant
  • Logistics supervisor
  • Technician and Occupational Safety
  • Storekeeper
  • Truck Driver E
  • Truck Driver D
  • Personal Department Assistant
  • Forklift Mechanic
  • Internship in Statistics
  • Planning Analyst

Neither was the location of the enterprise disclosed nor the requirements for each position, but naturally we understand that qualified professionals with experience in CLT will have priority in the selection process, unless it is for the internship vacancy.

Interested and within the function, send your resumes to, informing in the title of the function the name of the opportunity that is in this list. It is also worth remembering that profiles outside the positions will be discarded, so to avoid hassle, send them only if they correspond to them. If you wish to seek opportunities at other Human Resources companies, access the list of the latest articles related here.

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