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Heavy investment of US$9 million and the end of the electricity bill: bladeless wind turbines for building roofs are the silent and promising new technology

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 28/05/2024 às 09:44
Wind turbine - energy
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Aeromine Technologies receives investment of US$9 million and plans to expand production of bladeless wind turbines, promising to transform energy generation in urban areas

Aeromine Technologies, a pioneering startup in the development of bladeless wind turbines for building roofs, has just announced the successful closing of a round of financing of US$9 million. The investment, led by research company and Veriten energy strategy, marks a significant step for Aeromine, which plans to increase production and deployment of its innovative “wind harvesting platforms”.

Launched in 2022, Aeromine manufactures wind turbines compact 50 kW or larger, who are mounted on the edge of a building's roof. These revolutionary turbines have no external blades or visible moving parts, efficiently capturing the wind flowing over the building and converting it into electricity on site. Its generator system, based on a rotor-stator design with a 5 kW permanent magnet, it is highly efficient and silent.

Learn more about the bladeless wind turbine

Aerodynamics like a racing car's spoiler

Aeromine's wind turbine technology takes advantage of aerodynamics, similar to the airfoils of a racing car, to capture and amplify airflow in each building, generating energy more effectively. According to the company, its systems are made up of 20 to 40 units installed on the edge of a building, facing the predominant wind direction. Each unit can withstand winds between 190 and 250 km/h, depending on specification, ensuring reliable and safe operation.

Furthermore, Aeromine's wind turbines can operate independently or be integrated with existing solar panels on rooftops, providing a hybrid and flexible energy solution. This integration allows for on-site power generation, eliminating grid supply interruptions and increasing the resilience of the local energy system.

Bladeless turbines demonstrate revolution in the renewable energy sector

Maynard Holt, founder and CEO of Veriten, expressed excitement about the partnership with Aeromine, highlighting the crucial role of distributed energy innovation in meeting the demand for reliable and affordable electricity. He emphasized that Aeromine's ability to offer fast and cost-effective energy solutions to a variety of companies is unique in the distributed energy market.

Aeromine's bladeless wind turbines are designed to power a wide range of buildings, including apartments, warehouses, production facilities, offices, hospitals and shopping centers. With commercial implementation expected in Europe and North America in 2025, the company hopes to further expand its global presence and promote the transition to more sustainable and affordable energy sources.

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