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IF offers 500 places on a free first aid course

Written by Ruth Rodrigues
Published 10/04/2024 às 09:31
Registration to apply for open places in the IF’s free first aid course can be completed until the 17th.
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Registration to apply for open places in the IF’s free first aid course can be completed until the 17th.

This Wednesday, (10/04), the Federal Institute of the South of Minas Gerais — Campus Machado has an unmissable opportunity for those who wish to train in First Aid. Registration for the course free IF are open, offering 500 places for those interested in acquiring essential knowledge in this area.

With a total workload of 120 hours, the free first aid course at IF It will be carried out completely online, allowing participants to combine studies with their daily activities. Classes are scheduled to take place between April 22nd and July 7th, 2024.

Who can register for the IF selection process?

To enroll in the free course, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Internet access;
  • Valid CPF;
  • Complete primary education;
  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Active email. 

How to apply and get one of the free IF course places?

Registration for the free IF course began on April 1st and continues until April 17th.

The registration process is carried out using a form provided in notice no. 13/2024.

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About the first aid course

The free first aid course will be divided into five modules, including an introductory presentation module.

The other modules will cover essential topics for emergency care, such as: initial care for urgencies and emergencies, care for the main clinical emergencies, first aid for burns and poisonings, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers.

The main objective of the free IF course is to train participants to provide first aid effectively in situations of sudden illness or accidents.

Providing essential theoretical and practical knowledge to save lives at critical moments.

How will places be distributed?

The selection of candidates for the IF's free first aid course will be carried out in order of registration, therefore, it is essential to ensure participation as quickly as possible.

The result, containing the list of classifieds, will be announced on April 18th.

All necessary guidance for accessing the platform where the IF's free first aid course will be taught will be sent directly to the inboxes of those selected in the notice, until April 22nd.

Don't miss this opportunity to acquire knowledge!

Sign up now and be prepared to act safely and efficiently in emergency situations!

About the Federal Institute

The Federal Institute of the South of Minas Gerais (IFSULDEMINAS) is a federal public education institution located in the southern region of the state of Minas Gerais, in Brazil.

Founded in 2008, it is one of the units of the federal professional, scientific and technological education network in the country.

IFSULDEMINAS offers free courses, whether integrated into high school, subsequent technical courses, undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses and extension programs.

Its mission is to promote the comprehensive training of students, combining theoretical education with professional practice, scientific and technological development, in addition to contributing to regional development.

The institution has several campuses distributed in strategic cities in the southern region of Minas Gerais, such as Pouso Alegre, Inconfidentes, Machado, Muzambinho, Passos and others.

Each campus offers a variety of courses, seeking to meet local and regional demands for qualified professionals in different areas of knowledge.

Furthermore, IFSULDEMINAS develops research and extension projects, many of which are in partnership with companies, city halls and other institutions, contributing to innovation and socioeconomic development in the region.

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Ruth Rodrigues

Graduated in Biological Sciences from the State University of Rio Grande do Norte (UERN), she works as a writer and scientific disseminator.

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