Home Industry in two major cities of São Paulo with job openings

Industry in two major cities of São Paulo with job openings

29 from 2018 to 10 at 08: XNUMX
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Vacancies are paulo and taboão

Human Resources announces the selection process in Santo Amaro and Taboão da Serra with many open positions, we call and confirm

For residents of São Paulo or other regions, as long as they have the required qualifications, here are some good current job opportunities. There are many open functions and positions promoted by Potency RH, don't worry because we call and confirm everything. Below, check out the available positions and how to apply, then come back here and check out the article about the ECB, which has just signed a contract with Petrobras to clean up the Comperj.

  • Foundry Helper
  • Production assistant
  • Accounting analyst
  • Quality Control Analyst
  • Logistics analyst
  • Waste Treatment Assistant
  • Office Assistant
  • Shipping Assistant
  • Product Engineering Technical Assistant
  • CNC tool milling machine
  • CNC EDM Operator
  • Injector Preparer
  • Machine Preparer
  • Turret Lathe Preparer and Operator
  • Designer
  • Tooling Rectifier
  • Environment Supervisor
  • Test Laboratory Technician
  • Mechanical Maintenance Technician
  • Electronic Maintenance Technician
  • Vigilant

Although the vacancies are for the industry of São Paulo, more specifically in the cities of Santo Amaro and Taboão da Serra, we did not observe impediments for candidates from other regions to apply as well. In any case, you can register your CV's on the website or take your resumes directly to the company's office, at Rua Manoel Borba, nº 163, 1st floor, Room 116, Santo Amaro São Paulo. Check out the official source of the company published here on August 26.

Company from São Paulo is looking for technicians to work in the countryside


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