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Industrial works in Rio hire assistants, technicians and engineers

Written by Paulo Nogueira
Published 22/02/2018 às 11:58


vacancies for technicians, assistant and engineers

The job vacancies are to work in Rio de Janeiro Capital and Round Round, good wages and benefits to work in these works

Works in the field of air conditioning were released today for Rio de Janeiro, showing clear signs of recovery with the new economic policies, many developments and tenders that will benefit the state are in progress. According to the Abespetro survey, the state will have significant economic growth compared to 2017. Seeing that the moment is favorable for new investments, companies are starting to take on shelved projects and hire more safely.

Today(22), EQS Engenharia won some industrial contracts in Rio de Janeiro and in Volta Ronda, the vacancies are for Refrigeration Mechanics, Refrigeration Mechanical Assistants, Refrigeration Technicians and Mechanical Engineers for large air conditioning work. For each position mentioned, training and certification from an institution recognized by the MEC will be required, in addition to experience in the function.

Working hours will be Monday to Friday from 8am to 18pm. The company informs that there will be many benefits, although it is not informed which ones, we believe it will be Food vouchers, Health Plan, Life Insurance, Transportation vouchers, among others. Although the opportunities are in RJ, candidates who have training and experience in the area, even if they are from other places, will be able to send their resumes. The emails are gp.rj@eqsengenharia.com.br e rh.rj@eqsengenharia.com.br.

If you want to research more opportunities in the oil, gas, industry, civil construction, tenders and other areas, access the PAGE MENU IN THE HEADER AND ENTER THE NAME OF THE VACANCY OF INTEREST, several e-mails and phone numbers of contacts from different companies will appear. If you want to take technical courses at a distance or in 45 days, O Click Oil and Gas in partnership with the school PREMIUM can solve this. Don't worry, they are fully recognized by MEC and released by CREA, no catch and no fuss. CLICK HERE AND CONTACT US.

Paulo Nogueira

With a technical background, I worked in the offshore oil and gas market for a few years. Today, my team and I are dedicated to bringing information from the Brazilian energy sector and the world, always with credible and up-to-date sources.

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