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Innovation and Research: how PRIO revolutionizes production in Campos Maduros

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Published 09/07/2024 às 19:06
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PRIO Advances in Research and Innovation to Optimize Production in Mature Fields'. – PHOTO: ©2024|Felipe.Pessoa@ideal.pr

PRIO invests in research and innovation to increase efficiency in mature fields, establishing new partnerships and developing software adapted for advanced recovery.

PRIO has directed significant resources to research and development, with the aim of optimizing operational efficiency in already explored oil fields. The company is continually investing in innovation and establishing new partnerships to achieve advances in the sector. Its commitment to technological adaptation results in tools that improve oil recovery in areas that were previously considered less profitable.

Always seeking to expand its borders, PRIO actively collaborates with startups and educational institutions, focusing on the use of cutting-edge technology to overcome current operational challenges. The company adopts a flexible working model, without following pre-defined lines, which allows for constant evolution and adaptation. In Rio de Janeiro, starting in July 2024, PRIO will intensify efforts in partnerships and the development of innovative software to advance oil recovery techniques. This approach provides a significant competitive advantage and sustainability over time.

Capturing PRIO Opportunities

In mature fields, PRIO is dedicated to investing heavily in research and innovation, always seeking new ways to capture opportunities. As a result of this commitment, Brazil's largest independent oil and gas company signed, in the first half of this year, three new partnerships focused on advanced recovery and seismic inversion. 'We are open to learning and seeking the best solutions on the market, focusing on high performance and results.

When necessary, we test, promote development and innovate. Our search is for practical applications to solve the problems inherent in operating mature fields – from reservoir management to corrosion treatment and risk management.' We want, for example, to increase the recovery factor of reservoirs and increase production, always focusing on safety', explains Francilmar Fernandes, Director of Operations at PRIO.

In 2023, the oil company began discussions with potential partners with the aim of deepening knowledge about the mechanisms through which each method can increase production. The contracts were signed with PUC-Rio, UFF (Universidade Federal Fluminense) and the startup Wikki, which develops mathematical models and digital simulations for different industrial sectors. 'The R,D&I structure we set up was born focused on solving real, high-impact problems at PRIO.

PRIO Strategic Partnerships

In this way, the definitions of our lines of research are 'live' and adjusted quarterly with the emergence of new challenges. It is difficult to point out all the topics of interest. Some are already beginning to be well defined, while others are slowly taking shape', highlights Arthur de Almeida, reservoir engineer and R, D&I focal point at PRIO. A low salinity water injection It is one of the topics that has been closely monitored by the oil company in recent years. The partnership established with Wikki aims to delve deeper into this subject and overcome the challenges in understanding the phenomena that increase oil recovery.

Using open source technologies and digital simulations, the startup aims to understand and analyze the impact of salt composition in water injected into different lithologies (or rocks), in order to optimize oil recovery at the ideal concentration. 'The intention is to develop a simulator that is capable of predicting the effect of Low-Salinity water for different ionic concentrations and reservoir conditions, as well as comparing its effect with other advanced recovery methods', highlights Arthur. Rodrigo Dias, CEO of Wikki Brasil, states that cultural synergy was essential to consolidate the partnership. 'We combine the agility of technology with the concept of open innovation, always relying on communication and continuous commitment between experts from both companies', he adds.

Oil-Water Emulsions and Reservoir Recovery

With the Laboratory of Microhydrodynamics and Flow in Porous Media (LMMP), linked to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, at CTC/PUC-RIO, the proposal is to study the effect of micro emulsions on water injection as recovery method advanced to two of the fields operated by the company. The goal is to improve the effects of droplet size on emulsions in water injected into the reservoir, aiming to limit preferential paths through which injection water flows, leaving oil behind. With this, the intention is to optimize the characteristics of the injected emulsions and estimate their effects in controlling excessive water production, incorporating an active line of research. 'The LMMP has already been developing the process of injecting oil-water emulsions as an advanced recovery method for some years. In this project, we will move towards the optimization and application of this technique, taking into account the specific characteristics of two PRIO fields.

We are extremely excited about the partnership and the results it will bring to the laboratory and the company', explains Prof. Marcio Carvalho, LMMP coordinator. Another immediate challenge that the company intends to face is the development of its own software adapted to its operation, in collaboration with the GIECAR laboratory (Group for Exploratory Interpretation and Reservoir Characterization) at the Fluminense Federal University.

Seismic Inversion and Development in Albacora Leste

Seismic inversion technology allows us to better understand the geology of the fields (such as porosity, rock types, rock quality, presence of hydrocarbons, among other properties) and provides greater assertiveness when drilling wells. Similar software has already been developed on the market, but PRIO's idea is to create, over the next two years, a program for its operation in Albacora Leste, completely adapted to the way of working and the type of field in which the company operates. 'The Quantitative Seismic Interpretation methodologies that will be developed with PRIO will contribute to a better geological-geophysical characterization of this field and the solutions that will be implemented can later be applied to other assets of the company', explains Wagner Lupinacci, project coordinator.

The initiative involves more than 14 UFF researchers, including undergraduate, master's and doctoral students and professors. 'Projects with resources from the research, development and innovation (RD&I) clause have been fundamental for the construction of high-technology laboratories and the training of human resources in Brazilian universities', adds Wagner. 'The proximity of our research to the operation is a differentiator. With this type of initiative, we gain our own technology and knowledge, in addition to contributing to the development and training of professionals who know the practical application of the methodology developed', explains Igor Neves, Geophysics specialist and responsible for managing the project.

History and Purpose of PRIO

Nice to meet you, PRIO. We are the largest independent oil and gas company in Brazil, a pioneer in the recovery and increase in the useful life of fields in production. Founded in 2015 and with five assets in the Campos Basin, our focus is excellence and the search for operational efficiency, always prioritizing operational safety, caring for people and preserving the environment. Originally from Rio, PRIO has a purpose that goes beyond oil and gas: we want to use the best of our energy to transform Brazil into a more efficient place. Furthermore, we seek to involve and return this growth to society by encouraging sport, culture and environmental preservation – actions and projects that are part of our I ❤ PRIO manifesto.

Source: © Felipe.Pessoa@ideal.pr

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