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Interfood reduces port expenses, cargo handling time and delivery time in logistics operations structured by Movecta  

Written by Vincent Pereira
Published 24/05/2024 às 09:51
Movecta cold rooms in Itajaí

Importer of premium products detects strategic gains and competitive advantages in projects developed over more than two decades  

Interfood, one of the largest importers of products premium of Brazil, has detected strategic gains and competitive advantages in projects and solutions developed by Movecta. The partnership, which began in 2000, has gone through several challenging moments, but has always ended up delivering results above plans.  

“Movecta has always tried to follow the SLA (Service Level Agreement, or Service Level Agreement in the free translation), but most of the time they exceeded what was established in the contract. We never had any problems anticipating positioning, loading of goods and transportation. The logistics stage is one of the competitive differentiators in the market in which we operate and we are always looking for the best results. In this long partnership that we have established, quality of service has always been one of the differentiators for us, in addition to other gains achieved in more than two decades”, reports Rosi Mazaro, operations director at Interfood. 

The executive reveals some indicators of success achieved in the partnership, such as reduction in port expenses, cargo movement and delivery times. “The Movecta de Itajaí team structured a project that included reducing expenses with demurrage (fee charged by shipowners for delays in returning containers). This item can have a strong impact on import costs. Movecta’s storage capacity and agility in operations have helped us alleviate cost pressure, reducing our expenses with this item alone by 20%”, says the director. “We also noticed a 50% reduction in the delivery and movement time of goods in Guarujá. Movecta has always managed to release cargo very quickly, anticipating the stages of the operation, especially in the movement and positioning of containers. Another important fact is that the failure rate is also minimal, less than 1%”, says Rosi.  

She also says that Movecta helped the importer guarantee an efficient logistics operation, following high standards of service and delivery requirements. “We build a relationship based on the exchange of experiences, always evaluating the best opportunities and solutions, in order to implement them and generate results. This ended up generating confidence, ability to execute and concrete results”, says Rosi.  

From cod to drinks  

The relationship between the companies began when the importer needed an operator to move and store imported food products and beverages arriving through the Port of Santos. 

“At the time we imported cod, olive oil and wines. We needed a logistics partner that met our needs and the specificities of the operation. The Movecta unit in Guarujá started to assist us in the entire process, from movement, clearance and nationalization, in São Paulo”, recalls the director.  

Later, Movecta began to operate with the entire volume of beverages imported by the company, including categories of wines, beers, liqueurs, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. “We always try to offer a qualified team ready to help the customer in any situation. An example of this is the non-compliance of some seals, labels and labels. If they do not meet the rules of the inspection bodies, the cargo cannot be released. So we always have a team available to assist in this process, which is done manually by the operators and with all the necessary care to avoid damage”, says Rodrigo Bacelar, commercial director at Movecta. 

In April 2020, Interfood decided to transfer almost its entire operation from the coast of São Paulo to Itajaí, in Santa Catarina. From the announcement of the project until its completion, it took six months to develop new solutions that would meet the company's needs in this other port.  

“In this new phase, our biggest challenge was to centralize an operation that was completely internalized. We started handling customs cargo, progressed to unloading containers and currently store them in our logistics center in Itajaí and transport them to the Interfood CD, located in São Bernardo do Campo (SP)”, explains Eliel Paulo Breve da Silva, commercial manager from Movecta in Itajaí. 

To give you an idea of ​​the complexity of the operation, from March 2023 to March 2024, Movecta moved 16,6 million bottles, which is equivalent, on average, to 120 containers per month. Four to five trucks leave from Itajaí to São Bernardo do Campo every day, totaling 442 trips annually for the transport of goods and around 270 thousand kilometers covered. 

About Movecta 

Movecta is one of the largest logistics operators in the Brazilian market. With 70 years of history, its operations are concentrated in São Paulo, Santa Catarina and Pernambuco. There are eight operational units and an administrative office, with four bonded terminals, totaling 430 thousand square meters of available area.  

The only company in the sector with bonded terminals located in the main maritime foreign trade hubs in the country, the company also stands out for being the owner of the only refrigerated bonded terminal in the Port of Santos. The company is one of the largest logistics operators of chemical products in the country and, at the port of Suape, holds the lead in project cargo for large wind farms in the North and Northeast.  

Movecta has transport operations throughout the national territory, moving different cargo profiles, in response to the particularities and high levels of service required in the market. It also has modern storage facilities, equipped with efficient technology and processes, ensuring the integrity and safety of the products.  

The company's expertise in logistics projects allows it to transform complexity into simplicity and flexibility, integrating the logistics chain and foreign trade in a unique and innovative way to solve the specific demands of different market segments. 


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