Home Employment opportunity at Guindax with immediate start

Employment opportunity at Guindax with immediate start

5 June 2018 to 07: 32
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job vacancy crane crane

The application will go until the 8th of June and the job opportunities are for immediate start in several functions

A good job opportunity has just appeared at Guindax, a lifting, logistics and cargo transport company. Below you will be able to check which are the positions available and their attributions. Just to remind you, EBSE Engenharia was awarded a contract to provide solutions for the Comperj refinery, as we published in an article on June 4, it would be a good idea for you to keep an eye on the opportunities that may arise from there.

Vacancies, requirements and benefits

Guindax is looking for professionals with experience to integrate its fixed staff, under the new demand of operations recently concluded by the company. Here are some of them:

  • Crane Operators
  • Crane Operators
  • signalmen
  • Security Technicians

Requirements -  experience in equipment operations for operator positions. Proven experience in industrial plants or construction sites. Availability for travel or external work. Completion of high school and professional training in the field required

Benefits – Compensation compatible with the market, meal vouchers, basic food basket, health plan, dental plan and life insurance. Salary information and other assignments will be revealed in the interview.

Contact Us

Interested and within the function for this job opportunity, can get in touch by 2 different methods: By e-mail or telephone. For those who wish to send their resumes directly to the company's e-mail, send your resumes to If you have any other questions regarding these occupations that were not addressed in the article, the telephone number is (34)36629282.  Below you can check the official publication of Guindax:

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