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Vacancies for plant maintenance mechanics today

26 February 2018 to 09: 33
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farm maintenance mechanic

To work in an alcohol and sugar company, the vacancies at the Da Mata company are for residents of any city who have the necessary attributions

job openings in large sugar and alcohol plants were disclosed again by the company Da mata. Today's opportunities span the profession of Agricultural Machinery Maintenance Mechanics, in which residents from anywhere in the country can participate, this is due to the difficulty of finding professionals with the specifications he needs, forcing him to look in other regions. Below, take a good look at what is needed to compete:

about the vacancy

  • Overview – Hydraulic maintenance of agricultural machines, assembly and disassembly of components and parts, hydraulic motors, pumps, pistons, commands, among others.
  • Requirements – Complete high school, skills with pressure checking tools, reading and interpretation of results, aiming to diagnose the reason, failure and where the problem component is, experience with test benches, both in operation and in the construction and functioning of the equipment, metrology, reading drawings and specifications

If you are interested in applying for this position, send your resume to the email, not forgetting to inform the name of the function in the subject of the message. Resumes that do not match the criteria will be discarded. Da Mata needs directions, if you want, you can share this post for those who need it because the vacancy is for an immediate start if the candidate is available to travel.

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