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Labor shortage: Portugal is recruiting for more than 25 THOUSAND job openings in the areas of marketing, technology, construction, receptionist and much more!

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 19/05/2024 às 23:50
Portugal is recruiting for more than 25 THOUSAND job vacancies
Photo: JC Concursos/Reproduction

The labor shortage in Portugal can be an excellent opportunity for Brazilians. Check out the main job vacancies on the rise in the country.

The shortage of workers in the European Union (EU) has increased significantly. According to information from the Eurostat, the bloc's statistics body, around 75% of companies face difficulties in hiring qualified labor. In Portugal, the labor shortage is particularly acute; a study of the ManpowerGroup reveals that 65% of employers have difficulty finding professionals. As a result, job vacancies in Portugal are on the rise.

Vacancies in Portugal on the rise in 2024 could be opportunities for Brazilians

Only 17% of companies revealed that they did not experience challenges with the labor shortage in Portugal. In this way, demand reaches 81%, according to ManpowerGroup. The result found by the study places Portugal among the five countries with the greatest shortage of professionals, above the global average of 75%. Among the job vacancies in Portugal that are on the rise are:

Store Operator;

Call Center Agents (m/f) – Teleworking;

Logistics Assistant;

Digital Marketing with experience – Social Networks;



Customer Support Consultant (Remote in Portugal);

Remote Assistant;

Storer (m/f);


Store keeper;

Warehouse Assistant;

Online content manager;

Customer Service Agent – ​​PT;

English Customer Service;

Manage content and social networks;

Online Marketing Through Social Networks in an Innovative Way and E-commerce;

Digital Content Creator;

Executive Assistant;

English Gaming Support Agent – ​​Europe;

Partner network manager;

Cupbearer | Kitchen Cleaner (M/F);

Kitchen helper;

Night Receptionist / Night-shift;

cleaning service and breakfast at Hotel Beck;

English Customer Support – Lisbon;

Warehouse worker;

Assistant Store Manager | Harbor;


Floor housekeeper;

Public service employee;

Public Relations – Digital Advertising;

Digital content manager (with experience);

Cleaning attendant;

AI tester with Portuguese language.

How to apply for job vacancies in Portugal?

A labor shortage in Portugal could be a great opportunity for those who are looking for opportunities in a safe, economically better country with an easy-to-learn language.

These and thousands of other vacancies in Portugal can be found on the platform Glassdoor. In total, the platform has more than 25 thousand job openings in Portugal for candidates of all levels of education.


According to Rui Teixeira, manager of ManpowerGroup in Portugal, the accelerated digital transformation, combined with growing socio-environmental concerns and the commitment to greater incorporation of value in business models, have been accelerating renewal cycles in the skills that companies need most, without there being an equivalent evolution on the talent supply side.

What is necessary for a Brazilian to apply for jobs in Portugal?

As vacancies in Portugal for Brazilians require following certain steps and meeting specific requirements. Among them are the work visa, full documentation, tax registration and health insurance. Those who choose to work through an exchange in Portugal will have help organizing all the necessary documents, such as the specific type of visa and others.

However, if you prefer to do the entire process on your own, taking advantage of the shortage of labor in Portugal, there are some tips on steps to follow.

The work visa is the first step to obtaining jobs in Portugal. To do this, it is generally necessary to have a job offer from a company in Portugal.

The employer in Portugal must begin the process by submitting an application for a work permit. Once approved, the company will receive a work permit for which you will need to apply for a visa.

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