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Labor shortage: Discover the 4 countries in Europe that need employees and pay more than the United States!

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 16/06/2024 às 20:53
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Discover the countries that are paying more than the United States and see how you can take advantage of these opportunities!

In today's globalized world, workers from both emerging countries and developed nations are always looking for better opportunities. With digitization of labor market, the possibilities expanded, and the Europe stands out as an attractive destination for those looking for vacancies in Europe e higher wages than those offered in the United States. According to a recent survey by the Eurostat, four European countries surpassed the US in terms of average salary. Let's find out what these countries are and what makes their job markets so attractive, according to capitalist.

Eurostat and its importance

Understanding the body that provides economic statistics for the European Union

O Eurostat is official statistical agency of the European Union (EU), responsible for providing accurate and reliable data on economy, society and environment of member countries. Its statistics are essential for policy formulation and decision-making at European and national level, and are a valuable reference for researchers, analysts and the general public.

Switzerland: Leader in high wages

Discover the country with the highest average salaries in Europe.

A Switzerland is known for its high wages, with an average annual salary of 106.839,33 euros in 2022. In addition to high salaries, the country offers attractive tax benefits and child-related perks, which contribute to a significant take-home pay. Swiss workers can therefore take home a substantial portion of their gross income, making the country an attractive choice for those seeking job vacancies abroad.

“vacancies in europe”, “vacancies abroad”, “labour shortage”, “job vacancies”, “employment in europe”
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Iceland: Economic recovery and competitive wages

Find out how Iceland overcame the financial crisis and offers incredible jobs with great salaries

A Iceland, despite the 2008 financial crisis, it now offers one of the highest average salaries in Europe, com 81.942 euros annually. Thanks to labor agreements implemented in 2019, salaries were adjusted according to inflation, ensuring that employees workers receive fair remuneration. If you are looking for a job in Europe, Iceland is an option to consider.

Luxembourg: High salaries and cost of living

Discover how Luxembourg combines high salaries with quality of life.

No Luxembourg, average annual salaries reach 79.903 Euros. This is largely due to frequent revisions of the minimum social wage, which accompany the country's high cost of living. Furthermore, Luxembourg's robust financial sector contributes to high wages, attracting highly qualified and well-paid professionals.

Norway: Equality and quality education

Understand why Norway is one of the best options for working abroad and has a labor shortage

A Norway also stands out with an average annual salary of 74.506 Euros. The combination of a high quality education and a culture which promotes financial equality among workers creates a favorable environment for those looking for jobs in the Europe. The shortage of skilled labor in some areas also boosts salaries, making Norway an attractive option for professionals in a variety of fields.

“vacancies in europe”, “vacancies abroad”, “labour shortage”, “job vacancies”, “employment in europe”
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Labor shortage in Europe

Take advantage of opportunities and discover how Europe can be the next step in your career

Therefore, whether you are a professional from an emerging or developed country, the vacancies in Europe offer competitive salaries and growth opportunities. With a shortage of labor in several areas, many European countries are looking for international talent. Therefore, keep an eye out for vacancies abroad and consider the possibility of moving to one of the countries that offer better salary and living conditions.

However, here are some countries in Europe that have open positions:

When planning your next career move, remember that the Europe could be the ideal destination, offering not only high salaries, but also a excellent quality of life iswelcoming work environment.

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