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Last form! Samarco may open 4 jobs

18 May 2018 to 10: 15
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After the Mariana dam disaster in Minas Gerais, Samarco will resume operating around 3 plants from 2019

Four thousand new direct and indirect employees are what Samarco will need to hire to reach full production, according to market expectations. The company is expected to return to its activities in the first quarter of next year, after obtaining the necessary environmental licenses to carry out its works. Of these necessary professionals, according to Dalla Bernardina, are: mechanics, welders, boilermakers, electricians and various engineers (environmental, production, metallurgy, among others).

Paralyzed since 2015 – when a dam broke in the city of Mariana, in Minas Gerais, and resulted in the death of 19 people – Samarco will return to work at 26% of its capacity, which corresponds to a concentration plant in Minas Gerais and another pelletizing plant in Espírito Santo. For this, it already has the necessary staff: 1.135 direct workers, according to advisory services.

However, the use of the other three plants in the Espírito Santo complex will occur gradually. It is precisely in these phases that there is an expectation of hiring. According to the president of the Union of Metallurgical and Electrical Material Industries of Espírito Santo (Sindifer), Lúcio Dalla Bernardina, the resumption will indeed take place in stages. “It will be a slow and gradual hiring process. In full operation with the four plants running, the number of contracts could reach XNUMX, including direct and indirect, in two years”, he explained. Leave your resume at Samarco at the address Source: Tribuna Online, Terra, Folha Vitória

How to qualify to work in any field

Nowadays, it is not enough that you are just good professionals, you must have qualifications and training in your area of ​​expertise. We will indicate to you two Teaching Institutions fully recognized by companies, which will prepare you for the market that requires a professional or Technical level.

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