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Last week! Klabin, the largest paper producer and exporter in Brazil, offers more than 100 internship vacancies in its new selection process  

Written by Roberta Souza
Published 30/10/2023 às 21:34
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Klabin facade/ Source: Money Times

Discover the vacancies and places where Klabin is offering vacancies for higher-level internships and sign up now!

Unmissable internship opportunities are available in the selection process at Klabin, one of the leading companies in the paper and cellulose sector in Brazil. With a total of 110 vacancies, distributed across seven states, this is the chance to take a leap in your professional career while contributing to a renowned organization. 

However, the inscriptions they close soon, on November 6th, so it is essential to act quickly. We will provide you with all the essential information so you can apply successfully.

Vacancies in different regions of Brazil

Klabin is present in various parts of Brazil, and this selection process reflects this geographic coverage. The 110 vacancies are distributed in states such as São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Ceará, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina, Amazonas and Paraná. This means that students from different locations have the opportunity to apply and be part of the Klabin team.

Two internship programs: choose the one that suits you best

Klabin offers two internship options through the programs: o Integra Klabin and Geração K. Each program has its particularities and is aimed at different groups of students.

  • Integrates Klabin: This program is aimed at low-income students and does not impose restrictions regarding training course, language, technical skills, age or experience. Klabin recognizes the importance of diversifying its intern workforce and, therefore, this program is inclusive and open to a wide range of candidates.
  • Generation K: This program is broader and is open to all audiences, making no distinctions regarding income. The goal here is to attract talented students regardless of their financial situation. If you are looking for an unrestricted internship opportunity, the Generation K program could be the right choice.

Available vacancies in the internship program and requirements to participate

It is important to note that, to participate in the internship program, you must be attending higher education. Specific requirements vary by program:

For Integra Klabin, there are 30 vacancies available in various locations, requiring a family income of up to three minimum wages and availability to in-person internships. Furthermore, students from the 2nd year of the Administration, Biology, Computer Science, Accounting Sciences, Foreign Trade, Communication, Law, Economics, Engineering (all), Statistics, Journalism, Logistics, Marketing, Mathematics, Psychology, Advertising, Public Relations, Human Resources and International Relations can apply.

The Generation K program offers 80 places and follows a broader profile, allowing students from the 2nd year of the aforementioned courses to enroll.

In addition to valuable professional experience, Klabin offers a series of benefits to its interns. This includes stipends, medical assistance, dental assistance, gym assistance, charter assistance, Christmas basket, training program, in-house restaurant, life insurance and transport vouchers.

How to participate in the selection process for Klabin internship vacancies

If you are interested in applying for one of the internship positions at Klabin, it is essential to understand the selection process. Applications for the Generation K Internship Program must be made on the Klabin website by November 6th CLICKING HERE, and for the Integra Klabin internship program applications can be made CLICKING HERE, the selection process will consist of seven stages. This process will include registrations, behavioral and cultural fit tests, Portuguese and logical reasoning tests, interviews with the human resources team, group dynamics, interviews with managers and, finally, the admission process.
Don't miss this opportunity to take a big step in your career. With vacancies available in various regions of Brazil, Klabin offers the chance to stand out professionally in a renowned organization. Remember that registration closes on November 6th, so act quickly to secure your place in Klabin’s selection process. Start your professional journey on the right foot. Apply today!

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