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Do you want to leave Brazil and work abroad? Discover 7 US cities that pay up to US$75 (R$402,7) per year for new residents!

Written by Valdemar Medeiros
Published 18/06/2024 às 14:22
Do you want to leave Brazil and work abroadDiscover 7 US cities that pay up to US$75 thousand (R$402,7 thousand) per year for new residents!
Photo: Living and working in the USA/CANVA

Do you want to work abroad, but don't know where to start? Discover the best cities in the USA that offer attractive salaries of up to R$75 for those who want to live and work outside Brazil.

Top US Cities Offer Attractive Salaries for New Residents: Some US states and cities are offering excellent salaries and benefits to attract new residents, representing a great opportunity for Brazilians who wish to work abroad. These programs, most popular in the Midwest and South of the country, aim to increase local populations and inject talent and resources into regional economies. According to the Business Insider, these initiatives are designed to revitalize areas with low population density and stimulate economic growth. Discover more about these unmissable opportunities for Brazilians.

Columbus – Georgia

Columbus is one of the US cities that pays well. With just over 200 inhabitants, the city is on the border between Georgia and Alabama. To attract more people, the amount it is making available is US$5, around R$27.

Those interested must work remotely full-time, earn at least US$75 (R$402,7) per year and make Muscogee County, where Columbus is located, their primary residence. 

If these requirements are met, new residents who wish to work abroad will receive money to cover relocation costs and will also gain six months of membership to a coworking space and an annual “community connection tour” that includes leisure activities such as ziplining or rafting.

Lincoln County – Kansas

Lincoln County, a rural area where less than three thousand people live, offers US$4,5 (R$24,1) to people who want to live abroad. Those interested will also receive credit of US$500 (R$2,6) for high-speed internet, gym membership and a monthly basket of fresh eggs.

Those who wish to apply for the program in Lincoln County, one of the highest paying US cities, may still qualify for other benefits, such as a free land to build a house and an additional US$5 thousand (R$26,8 thousand) if your spouse is hired for a county job.

The criteria for achieving change are work remotely, earn at least US$50 a year and agree to live abroad for at least a year.

Mississippi County–Arkansas – one of the best options for those who dream of working abroad

O Mississippi County is offering candidates who want to live abroad up to US$50 to build or renovate their homes.

To benefit from this, which is one of the highest paying US cities, you must be an employee of participating companies, including US Steel and Big River Steel, and live there for at least four years.

Called “Work Here, Live Here,” the initiative is a collaboration between local industries, community groups and financial institutions like Farmers Bank and Trust.


As one of the best-paying cities in the US, with just under 16 inhabitants, Newton has a program that gives people US$10 (R$53,7) if they buy a house there. However, there is a condition, as the property must be worth at least US$240 (R$1,5 million).

After the purchase is made, beneficiaries who wish to work abroad also receive a welcome package, which includes gifts from local companies and organizations and is valued at US$2,5 (R$13,4).

The Shoals – Alabama

The region known as The Shoals encompasses the cities of Florence, Sheffield, Muscle Shoals and Tuscumbia. There, the Remote Shoals program offers those who want to live abroad US$10 to move.

The first $2,5 is to help with moving costs. The other US$2,5 is distributed after six months, and the last US$5 after one year.

Candidates interested in working abroad must be over 18 years old and willing to move to the region within six months. They must also be employed outside the area and have a minimum annual income of US$52 (R$279,2).


Tulsa Remote offers those who want to live abroad $10 that can be used to buy or rent a home in Tulsa and $500 toward travel reimbursement. In addition, potential interested parties receive an Airbnb credit of US$150 (R$805,4) to familiarize themselves with the city before moving.

Those interested in working abroad must be over 18 years old, live outside of Oklahoma, have a consistent income stream, be able to work remotely and commit to moving and living in the city for at least a year.

West Virginia

Finally, the list of US cities that pay well ends with West Virginia, where the Ascend WV program attracts hundreds of residents. Participants must be 18 years or older to work remotely, they receive US$10 paid in monthly installments during the first year of change and a final US$2 after the second year of residence.

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