Home Low price and everything works! How to set up a solar energy system with a maximum of 1390 reais in Brazil

Low price and everything works! How to set up a solar energy system with a maximum of 1390 reais in Brazil

12 April 2024 11 gies: 15
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Low price and everything works! How to set up a solar energy system with a maximum of 1390 reais in Brazil
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Learning how to set up a low-cost off-grid solar power system is now more accessible than ever. This free guide shows how you can create a small solar energy system with just R$1390, using quality components, including a solar panel and reused battery, ensuring savings and autonomy during blackouts.

Have you ever thought about having a solar energy system at home, but thought it would be too expensive? Well, know that it is possible to set up a small system of solar energy on a very limited budget. This guide will show you how to do this for around R$1390.

You will learn how to use solar panels and other basic equipment to generate your own energy. This can help save on your electricity bill and still ensure you have power during a blackout for essential things like running a fan or some light bulbs. And best of all: we will teach all of this in a simple way, so that even those with no experience can understand and set up their own system.

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What do you need to buy to have solar energy at home?

To set up your cost-effective homemade solar power system, you will need to start by purchasing a few essential components, ensuring that they are all of good quality and suitable for your project. Here's a simple, organized guide to what to buy first:

Solar panels: The first step is to choose your solar panels. Depending on the space you have available and the energy you need to generate, you can opt for 100 watt or 150 watt cards. For a basic system, two 150-watt cards are usually sufficient. These plates can be found online with prices starting at R$250 each, totaling approximately R$500 for two.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter: You will need an inverter to convert solar energy into energy that can be used in your home. A pure sine wave inverter is recommended due to its efficiency and compatibility with household appliances. For a small system, an inverter that supports up to 460 watts is ideal. The cost of a suitable inverter is around R$450.

MPPT charge controller: This device helps optimize the transformation of solar energy into usable energy, increasing system efficiency. The MPPT charge controller is more efficient than the PWM model, working better in varying light conditions. The price of a quality MPPT charge controller starts at around R$140.

Batteries: Batteries are necessary to store the energy collected by solar panels. Two 60 amp car batteries can serve the purpose well, especially if you are trying to save money. It is possible to find used batteries in good condition for an affordable price. The cost may vary, but plan to spend around R$200 for each battery.

Safety precautions

Make sure your solar power system is safe, It's super important to avoid accidents and damage to equipment. An essential item for safety is the DPS, which stands for Surge Protection Device. This device helps protect your system against electricity spikes that can happen during storms, for example. The price of a good DPS is around R$50, and it is a worthwhile investment to keep your system safe and working well for longer.

Another important component for safety are DC circuit breakers. They are used to automatically interrupt the electrical current if there is an overload or short circuit, which is crucial to preventing fires or further damage. Each part of your solar power system needs to have a circuit breaker suitable for its load. The price of DC circuit breakers starts at around R$30 each. And of course, it is important to use MC4 connectors for connections between solar panels and other components. These connectors cost around R$20 per pair and ensure that the connections are secure and do not become loose over time. Spending a little more on these safety items can avoid many problems in the future.

And the installation?

In this step by step, the price of the installer was not included, but normally the cost of the installation service MAY vary between 1500 reais and 3000 thousand reais for this project, taking into account that the price changes according to the place where you live and the installation conditions. In other words, 1390 reais for the total of parts + 1500 reais for installation (if you don't install it yourself, I included the video above to show that it's possible), you can now have your solar energy at home.

But if you are going to install it yourself, there are some recommendations. While it is possible for do-it-yourself enthusiasts to assemble a solar power system by following guides and doing a lot of research, installing a solar power system involves specific knowledge of electricity and safety. And without a doubt, a poorly installed system can not only function inefficiently, but also pose security risks.

For these reasons, it is We highly recommend hiring a qualified professional for installation. A professional solar energy system installer not only has the necessary technical knowledge, but is also familiar with best practices and safety standards. They can ensure the system is configured correctly for maximum efficiency and security.

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