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LOW PRICE! See spacious and safe car options up to R$35

Written by Alisson Ficher
Published 16/06/2024 às 07:03
LOW PRICE! See spacious and safe car options up to R$35. (Image: reproduction)
LOW PRICE! See spacious and safe car options up to R$35. (Image: reproduction)

It's no secret that, in recent years, the value of brand new cars has risen. Although governments have tried to curb the increase, the values ​​are still high. As a result, the used car market continues to heat up.

In this matter of Click Oil and Gas, you can check out four options of pre-owned cars that are considered safe, reliable and still have an approximate value of R$35, not bad for a used car these days.

Volkswagen Polo Sedan

While not as spacious as the Versa, the Volkswagen Polo sedan It's a good pre-owned choice. With a length of 4,17 meters, a wheelbase of 2,46 meters and a 432-liter trunk, the Polo offers reasonable space.

Its 1.6 8V engine, known for its robustness, is shared with other Volkswagen models, such as Fox, Gol, Saveiro and Voyage, generating 104/101 hp and 15,6/15,4 kgfm of torque with ethanol/gasoline.

The Polo Sedan costs around R$34 and has consumption of 6,5/9,2 km/l (E/G) in the city and 9,5/13,4 km/l (E/G) on the highway. It is recommended to avoid automated versions with i-motion transmission.

2008 Chevrolet Vectra Elegance

O Chevrolet Vectra, equipped with the Family II engine, is known for its mechanical robustness. The 2.0 8-valve engine delivers up to 128 hp and 19,5 kgfm of torque with ethanol, or 120 hp and 18,3 kgfm on gasoline. Models from 2009 onwards deliver up to 140 hp and 19,6 kgfm with ethanol.

The 2008 Elegance version of the Vectra, with list price around R$30 thousand, offers a 526-liter trunk and measures 4,58 meters in length with a wheelbase of 2,7 meters.

Urban consumption is 6,1/7,7 km/l (E/G) and on the highway it reaches 9,1/11,1 km/l (E/G). The five-speed manual transmission is more efficient than the four-speed automatic, which increases fuel consumption even further.

Chevrolet Zafira

Spin's predecessor, Zafira, stood out in the early 2000s for its comfort and internal space, with capacity for up to seven occupants.

With the same engine as the Vectra, the minivan is known for its versatility. The trunk holds up to 600 liters with the seats folded down, or 150 liters in the seven-seat configuration. The 2009 model It costs around R$30.

Fiat Palio Weekend Adventure 2010

Before the popularization of SUVs, adventurous compact vehicles like the Fsee below Palio Weekend Adventure were already successful.

Standing out for its 1.8 engine, shared with some Chevrolet models, and ample luggage space, this model offers 132/130 hp of power and 18,9/18,4 kgfm of torque on ethanol/gasoline.

With consumption of 6,8/9,7 km/l (E/G) in the city and 7,5/11,1 km/l on the highway, the Palio Weekend Adventure measures 4,31 meters in length and has a wheelbase of 2,46 meters, providing a trunk of 460 liters. Its price in the FIPE table is around R$29 thousand. It is recommended to avoid versions with automated transmissions.

These pre-owned options are ideal for those looking for robust and economical vehicles in times of rising new car prices. So, are you thinking about purchasing one of these? Tell us in the comments!

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