Home Major progress in the construction of the BR-080 Bridge over the Araguaia River: connecting Goiás to Mato Grosso

Major progress in the construction of the BR-080 Bridge over the Araguaia River: connecting Goiás to Mato Grosso

11 January 2024 to 13: 43
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Major progress in the construction of the BR-080 Bridge over the Araguaia River: connecting Goiás to Mato Grosso
Photo: Disclosure/Bridge over the Araguaia River

The construction of the BR-080 bridge, an important infrastructure project that promises to connect São Miguel do Araguaia, in Goiás, to Cocalinho, in Mato Grosso, has achieved notable progress. This project is a fundamental part of the future BR-080 logistics corridor and is expected to be one of the milestones in the economic and logistical development of the region.

Located in the village of Luis Alves, the work on the bridge over the Araguaia River is more than just civil construction, it is a vector of progress and regional integration. The bridge, with a central span of 131 meters and a total length of 4.1 km, is a cable-stayed structure designed to significantly improve logistics between Goiás and Mato Grosso. This work is essential for the creation of logistics corridor of BR-080, which aims to connect this region to Ribeirão Cascalheiras in Mato Grosso, a vital grain production hub.

The completion of this bridge is a significant step towards consolidation of the North-South Railway, connecting the country from end to end. The integration of the highway with the existing railway network will facilitate cargo transport, optimizing costs and delivery times, as well as boosting the local and national economy.

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Construction progress

Current activities focus on earthworks and the final details of the structure. The use of soil-cement, a technique to strengthen the soil, is being applied in areas close to the bridge's headlands. Also, the painting of the railings and other aesthetic details are nearing completion. These advances are crucial to reaching the final stage of the project, which will include the asphalt paving and road signage.

Construction faced challenges, mainly related to logistics and terrain. The use of pre-molded parts for the structure and the soil-cement technique are responses to these challenges, ensuring efficiency and durability of the work.

Future of the work

With an estimated investment of 195 million reais, the BR-080 bridge is scheduled to be completed in the first half of 2024, however, comments from workers indicate another twelve months. Upon completion, the project is expected to not only improve connectivity between Goiás and Mato Grosso, but also play a key role in agricultural and industrial development of the region.

The construction of this project is a clear example of the importance of continuous investments in infrastructure for the growth and development of Brazil. The BR-080 bridge, more than a crossing over the Araguaia River, is a bridge to the future, symbolizing progress and unity between Brazilian regions. For more information and updates on this and other significant projects, subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications.

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