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MEC offers online English and Spanish courses (EAD), COMPLETELY FREE, without a selection process and with a guaranteed certificate available throughout Brazil

Written by Flavia Marinho
Published 03/07/2024 às 08:38
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MEC is offering free online courses (EAD) with certificates in English and Spanish. There is no selection process necessary and best of all, it counts as additional hours for college!

MEC is offering free online courses (EAD) with certificates in English and Spanish. There is no selection process necessary and best of all, it counts as additional hours for college!

Ministry of Education is offering free and online English, Spanish and French courses (EAD) with certificate, through the platform Virtual Learning Learn More MEC. The opportunities are available throughout Brazil, there is no selection process and no limit on vacancies, start whenever and however you want. Don't miss the chance to qualify and improve your chances of getting your dream job or that promotion at work.

Os English and Spanish courses free courses offered by the Ministry of Education, have a workload of 30 hours. They need to be completed by July 31, 2024, and the certificate can be issued five days after registration.

According to MEC, there are already more than 5,4 million certificates issued in free and online courses (EAD). All courses have certification at the end, it is an excellent way to generate additional hours at college. After being approved, the student issues the document via the web.

MEC has been committed to making learning a complete and rewarding experience. Upon successfully completing one of the courses, you will be entitled to a certificates, an achievement that can be crucial to your CV and career advancement. Additionally, these certificates are an excellent way to accumulate additional hours at college, further enriching your academic profile.

Free English and Spanish courses offered by MEC – Ministry of Education

Free courses on Spanish: The Spanish courses offered by MEC cover a wide range of linguistic and cultural skills.

Spanish 1 to 5 course content includes fundamentals such as greetings, the alphabet, and the use of essential verbs in the present and future, as well as basic cultural expressions and vocabulary related to travel, health, and spatial orientation. These levels prepare students for everyday interactions and introduce verbs in different tenses.

Moving forward, Spanish 6 through 10 expands students' mastery with more complex topics such as past tense verb conjugation, advanced use of prepositions, specialized vocabulary for academic events, and deep cultural nuances, including Cuban literature and soap operas. These courses develop communicative competence for more elaborate situations and detailed discussions about linguistic and cultural varieties.

Free English courses: The English courses offered by MEC cover a variety of essential topics from the basics to more advanced concepts.

In the early levels, students learn about personal identification, location, transportation, family, and daily routines, progressing to topics such as weather, sports, and leisure. They also cover basic grammar, including the use of present tenses and possessive pronouns.

As they progress, courses introduce vocabulary related to travel, food, health, and academic and work environments. There is an emphasis on more complex grammatical structures, including modal verbs, different past and future tenses, as well as relative clauses and advanced use of conjunctions. These courses are designed to develop practical communication skills in English for a variety of contexts.

Free French courses: MEC will offer three free French courses, focused on different areas of application. “French Applied to Management” covers topics such as tourist destinations, airports, complaints, and health and safety. With a workload of 40 hours, the course is aimed at students and professionals in the field, and requires reading comprehension in French and audio and video equipment. Completion must occur by 31/07/2024.

Another course that will also be available is “French Applied to Production and Service”, which focuses on accommodation, reservations and catering services. Lasting 30 hours, it is aimed at students and professionals and also requires reading comprehension in French. Additionally, the “Basic French” course covers presentations, everyday life and airport descriptions, making it ideal for high school and college students. All courses are without tutoring, with a minimum completion time of 5 to 6 days.


To enroll in the free English and Spanish courses offered by MEC, interested parties must access the official portal of the institution HERE and locate desired online courses. There, you will find the options for Spanish and English, where you can choose the level you want and fill out the registration form with your personal details.

It is important to check the specific requirements and deadlines for each course. After completing registration, candidates will receive an email confirmation with additional details about access to the course and teaching materials. Registration is free and open to all interested parties residing in Brazil.

I would love to know why you would like to learn the English language. Do you believe that English can contribute beneficially to your personal or professional life? Tell us in the comments section about your experience with the language. Don't forget to leave 5 stars and activate CPG notifications to keep up to date with all the news. To the next!

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